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Large Scale Solar Pv

Expected Energy Generation per Annum

The amount of energy you would expect a given installation to produce in a single year. For example in the UK, a solar PV installation of 1kWpk maximum power, on a pitched, south facing roof would have an expected energy generation per annum of approximately 800kWh.

So how much energy would we expect to get from a given installation in a year? To put a figure on it, you have to take into consideration all the things like cloud and rain and fog and mist and pollution and the fact that the earth inconsiderately spins on its axis every 24 hours such that half the time there’s no sunlight even without climatic factors. You also have to take into consideration that depending at what latitude you live, the sun’s rays will arrive at a different angle according to the time of year, resulting in the energy sometimes tending to glance off the roof rather than hitting it directly. All this seems a bit depressing in terms of harnessing the sun’s power. Fortunately, the sun pours out so much energy that even with all these factors taken into consideration, even in a high latitude, wet place like the UK, then averaged over a year there’s still plenty of useful solar energy hitting our roofs. How much? We have excellent records going back decades, so we don’t have to guess. On average, every square metre of pitched, non-shaded, south facing roof in the UK will receive between 800kWh and 1100kWh of useful solar radiation over the course of the year. Of course, with the theoretical water collection example, some of the water that lands on the roof will be lost immediately (it will bounce off or evaporate), or lost during the purification process. In a similar way, solar panels convert only a comparatively small proportion of the energy that hits them into useful electricity. A good rule of thumb to use in the UK is that for every square metre of non-shaded solar panel, facing between south west and south east, approximately 100kWh of electricity will be generated each year.

Geo Green Power have provided professional and yet friendly service...extremely helpful at every stage, always answering the smallest of queries promptly. All workmen have been informative, polite and helpful. We would definitely recommend them to anyone considering installing solar panels. We wish the company all the best!

We found your service efficient and enquiries polite and considerate. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is looking for solar, in fact we have another farm building which will be sorted after Christmas, and would think we will be contacting you again. Thank you once again.

Thank you for all your hard work. Everything was completed efficiently and professionally and I’m now saving and making cash thanks to my solar PV system. I like checking my meter just to see how much money I've made! Solar panels are a great investment and I’m recommending Geo Green Power to everyone I meet. 

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