A Covid-19 update from our directors

A letter to our customers relating to COVID-19.  

Due to the widespread outbreak of Covid-19 it’s important we do all we can to limit the spread of the virus, whilst following government guidance relating to essential work and business. The safety of our employees and our customers is, and always will be, paramount and now more than ever we’re doing all we can to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. All members of staff who can are now working remotely and those who can’t are being regularly briefed on the relevant safety precautions.   

As a company we are currently able to maintain our core business, to support our critical contracts and customers, and work with customers to plan new projects whilst adhering to appropriate guidance and legislation.  

Although it’s currently a difficult time for most businesses, we have been forced into making some positive changes which we will learn from when normal business resumes. For example, we are now capable of running our office remotely. This saves unnecessary time and fuel travelling to and from work, reducing costs, CO2 and improving work efficiency. We’ve also started to offer our customers Facetime and similar video based surveys and the feedback has been very positive. If we can cut out the need to travel to see a customer, we’re saving time, money and fuel reducing our costs and CO2 footprint. Of course, any costs we can save are passed on to our customers, so we only see this as a positive moving forward.  

Some customers have contacted us wanting to secure dates in our future installation schedule but are concerned about paying out a large deposit in these uncertain times.  It is a dilemma as when normality returns there will inevitably be a surge of work and lead times will increase significantly (suppliers, installation, planning etc). Therefore, to limit our customers’ exposure as much as possible, we’re now offering a nominal deposit payment on all new installation works. This will allow our customers to commit to work, and get the ball rolling now, whilst limiting their capex during this period. No additional charges will be incurred until our installers are on site along with the required materials.   

Like many businesses we are closely monitoring the impact that Covid-19 is having on our business, colleagues, customers and partners. With the support of our customers and partners we’re certain that Geo Green Power can navigate through these turbulent times and continue to offer quality renewable energy systems and critical support across the UK.   

Yours faithfully,   

The Geo Green Power Directors

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