Australia Fuel 226,000 Homes with Solar Panels

Australia has produced enough electricity to power 70% of homes in the last financial year. The renewable energy generated has been created by three main sources; hydro power, wind and roof solar with the remaining energy coming from large bioenergy and large solar. Renewable energy sources made up just over 17% of the electricity generated in Australia.

One of the key aspects contributing to the huge production of renewable energy is rooftop solar systems. Small-scale rooftop solar systems have been installed on just under 150,000 buildings; generating enough energy to fuel over 226,000 homes. The systems installed last year (2016) will save approximately $1.6 billion in energy bills over 10 years to the houses and the businesses that installed them, that’s a huge saving. The combined effort from property developers, businesses and home owners has made a huge impact on the sustainability in Australia.

Through the use of renewable energy Australia has avoided the amount of pollution equivalent to 8.1 million cars being on the road, that’s more than half of the cars in Australia. The popularity of solar panels has also supported 3,769 full-time jobs across installation, design and sales. At the end of 2016-17, 46 large-scale renewable energy projects were under construction; these projects are estimated to create 8,868 jobs full-time for a year.

These figures are only positive for Australia, more jobs, more renewable energy and less pollution; Australian people and businesses are certainly taking a huge step in the right direction to become more sustainable using natural sources of energy.

The information from this article has been sourced from the Renewable Energy Index produced by Green Energy Markets.

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