Morgans use renewable heat for Alice Springs Golf Club Renovation

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In 2017 Morgans of Usk purchased the once famous Alice Springs Golf Course in Usk, Monmouthshire. David Morgan’s vision was to turn the site, that had been sadly closed since 2015 into sustainable holiday apartments to increase visitors to the area and support the local community.

David Morgan’s grand plan was to heat the 18 apartments using renewable heat and he called on Geo Green Power’s expertise to help him deliver it. After visiting the site and discussing the project in detail our proposal was to install a 180kW district heating system powered by three ground source heat pumps.

David explained: “Our decision to go ahead with the ground source heat pump system was based on the need to plan for the future. We had already made the decision to invest in renewable energy with heating and solar PV systems in other areas of our operations so installing a traditional fossil fuel system just wasn’t an option.

“I believe the economics of these systems will only get better. The cost of fuel will rise, while we will continue to heat the property in a sustainable way.”

The ground source heat project teed off in September 2019 around the other building works taking place. 36 separate 200m trenches were dug and over 8000m of collector pipe laid during one of the wettest Autumns on record! During February and March the internal plumbing was completed with the installation of the heat pumps and storage tanks. Once operational the district heating system will qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. Over the next 20 years this £130,000 investment will deliver over five times its cost in savings and income.

The Alice Springs Apartments are due to open in Autumn 2020 for visitors looking to enjoy the local area and the former golf club will be developed further to provide additional facilities for visitors.

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