Seamless solar PV installation is generating energy and saving CO2 emissions!!

Solar PV
Type of installation

Size of installation

27,998 kWh
Yearly output

Annual CO2 saving

Energy bill saving per year

Our renewable energy team have installed a 30kW solar PV system for Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd – a modest sized system which is generating a surprising amount of electricity!

Geo Green Power’s installation on Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd offices in Milton Keynes forms part of the leading supplier of consumer and business electronics ambition to be carbon neutral in terms of their energy by 2030 and energy positive by 2050.


“Hello, my name is Rob Dixon I’m the Technical Sales manager here at Panasonic Electric Works UK limited.

“Well Panasonic is obviously a major large global organisation; we have in hundreds of facilities worldwide we have a scheme to bring net neutrality of energy by 2030 and energy positive by 2050. So, while we’re a small office it’s a small step but all those steps worldwide will soon add up to a large impact.

“I was really pleased with the installation process the guys were absolutely spot on, they worked seamlessly no problems even allowing for the fact that the supplier of the panels delivered the panels a day late. They were able to do all the physical hardware install and just snap them all together like perfect Lego sets and it was seamless, really impressed with the guys really pleased with the job.

“The new installation is going really well, I’m still obviously in the early days where I end up checking the stats on a daily basis, just to see if today was a good day or yesterday was a bad day and things like that and it’s really quite interesting to see what you are actually able to produce from what is a relatively modest setup on our roof.

“Since the Installation has been in, we had an idea of obviously what we were using beforehand, and we’ve monitored the output from the solar PV and we thought we were using about 80 kilowatts of energy in the from the grid previously now with the solar PV install. We’re generating up to a couple hundred kilowatts a day on really good perfect days so we’re easily saving between two thirds and three quarters of our purchased energy.

“Panasonic is committed to environmental solutions through our products reducing our energy footprint and as such, we have big involvement in energy storage applications electric vehicle charging applications and solar generation so the interest of getting our own system was paramount and anywhere we can support is important.”

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Seamless solar PV installation is generating energy and saving CO2 emissions!!

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