Solar PV Installation Was Smooth Process For New Build

Solar PV
Type of installation

4.2 kW
Size of installation

Yearly output

1.6 tonnes
Annual CO2 saving

Energy bill saving per year

Building a new house isn’t always an easy process, when the Browns began building their house in Leicestershire, they knew they wanted it to be as economical as possible and decided powering their new home with solar PV was the best choice for them.

After their initial plans for renewable energy fell through, the Browns came across Geo Green Power and were impressed with what they found. After meeting with the surveyor Jack, who took them through their options for a solar installation, they decided Geo Green Power would be the perfect partner for their project.

Despite facing various issues with their new build project, the Browns found the solar panel installation to be a very smooth process. Their 4.2kW solar PV system is now saving them money on their energy costs and saving 1.6 tonnes of CO2 a year!

“The whole process was quick and easy”

Mr Brown said: “There was absolutely no problem with the installation, we got on with all the lads that came to install the solar panels and the whole process was quick and easy.”

He added, “Our main contact was incredibly helpful guiding us through the installation process and making sure we are happy with the system. I can give Jack a ring any time and he’s always happy to answer my questions, even now Geo Green Power have completed the system.”

The self-sufficiency the Browns have gained from choosing solar has been a great addition to their new build, and they’re looking forward to investing in battery storage in the near future to become even more self-sufficient.

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