ConSpare thrives towards sustainability with a 100kW Solar PV installation

Project highlights:

System size: 100kW

System specifics: 266 x Canadian Solar 370w panels; 1 x 100kW Solis 3 Phase Inverter

First year generation: 83,500 kWh

CO2 savings: 18.8 tonnes per year

Equivalent to taking 3 cars off the road every year


Client feedback: “The system has been very successful on a financial basis; something which is vital for industrial and other large-scale adoption of solar power in Britain. As the system is expected to operate for 25 years or more, it is therefore likely to save hundreds of tonnes of CO2 during its lifespan- in addition to the carbon cost of the system itself.” – Tom Bullock, ConSpare, General Manager and Sustainability Lead

A desire for sustainable development

Established in 1978, ConSpare is the UK’s leading support company for concrete production. They are committed to improving concrete batching lants through high-performance equipment, spare parts, and site services.

ConSpare is dedicated to improving sustainable practices within the mineral products industry. After moving premises in 2022, developing sustainability was a focus for the new purpose-built facility. As their previous site was heated using a combination of natural gas and fuel oil, ConSpare aimed to eliminate the combustion of fossil fuels on their premises and power their business by electricity.


Working with us

Tom explained why ConSpare chose to work with Geo Green Power: “After receiving a number of quotes we selected Geo Green Power to deliver our project as it was clear they had considerable experience of similar installations and impressive industry credentials.

“We were given detailed information prior to the installation, and scaffold and access was planned carefully around the requirements to keep loading areas clear and other factors such as security camera views.

“The installation team were great to have on site. They worked hard, were courteous and the system was completed within 3 weeks.”


Delivering results

The completed project means ConSpare’s premises are now 100% powered by electricity and have considerably decarbonized their operations. Since installation at the end of March 2023, they have consumed around 80,000kWh of power but produced even more, a fantastic 83,500kWh. These figures include the power consumed by their own electric forklift and a selection of electric cars and hybrid vehicles. Some of the fully electric fleet very rarely charging up anywhere else. These achievements show the project’s impact and the company’s drive towards sustainability.

By partnering with Geo Green Power, ConSpare has displayed a commitment to innovative energy solutions, and they will continue to promote their solar project at every opportunity to encourage other companies to emulate their sustainable outcome.

If you’re looking to bring a renewable energy solution to your business, contact us today!

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