Toyota Derby Drives Towards Sustainability with a 120 kW Solar PV Installation

Project Highlights:

  • System Size: 120 kW
  • System specifics: 305 Canadian Solar Panels; 2 x 40kW Solis inverters
  • Estimated Annual Output: 100,000 kWh
  • CO2 Savings: 35 tonnes a year
  • Equivalent to taking 7 cars permanently off the road per year


Client Feedback: The management team at Inchcape Toyota Derby is delighted with the project’s outcomes, especially the immediate financial and environmental benefits.

“The installation has been a great success for the business, we have saved approximately 27% in electricity usage, which equates to 258,000 kW down to 188,000 kW and as a business, we really look forward to the future and the benefits it’s going to bring with it.” Wayne Wilson, Toyota Derby, Head of Business


Requiring an investment for the future

Inchcape Toyota Derby dealership is committed to developing sustainable practices within the automotive industry. With a forward-looking vision, they aim to align with Toyota’s global commitment to carbon neutrality by 2040 and support the UK government’s zero emissions initiative by 2050.

The decision to invest in Solar PV was driven by the need to reduce costs, cut down the dealership’s carbon footprint and protect them from increasing energy prices. The market for electric vehicles is ever-growing, and while this transition benefits the environment, the increased energy demand is significant.

Working with an experienced installer

Our expertise in renewable energy and experience of the automotive sector led to us securing the contract to install solar PV for 38 of Inchcape UK’s car dealerships over an 18 month contract. This 120kW solar PV system on Toyota Derby’s roof was carefully designed to meet the dealership and service centre’s energy requirements, save costs and support the environment.

The project was carefully planned to ensure the site was fully operational at all times, with safe access to the public and minimal disruption to business including an out of hours power down.


Delivering results and cost savings

The installation is an enormous success and has delivered a 27% reduction in electricity usage. This achievement emphasises the project’s impact in facilitating significant savings and advancing towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

The system is projected to generate over 100,000 kWh of electricity annually for at least 25 years. Taking into account the cost of installation, this system has secured over 2.5 million kWh of electricity at a rate of 4p, and its lifespan will most likely be much longer than 25 years.

This volume of energy generation is particularly critical for supporting the dealership’s EV charging infrastructure, ensuring it can meet the increased demand without succumbing to external energy price pressures.

Toyota Derby’s investment in solar has enabled the dealership to make a substantial leap towards sustainability and set a benchmark for operational efficiency and cost control across Toyota.

By partnering with Geo Green Power, the dealership has demonstrated a commitment to innovative energy solutions and is an example of how renewable energy can play a pivotal role in supporting business through the transition of a greener future.

If you’re looking to bring a renewable energy solution to your business, contact us today!


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