Demand For Renewable Energy Soar

Renewable energy specialist Geo Green Power is experiencing significant growth as an increasing number of companies look to reap the benefits of green energy solutions to reduce energy costs and meet sustainability goals.

Turnover for the East Midlands based business tripled to £12m in the financial year to 31 March 2023 driven primarily by the commercial sector, particularly in solar, as it secured major contracts with companies such as Inchcape, the UK’s biggest car dealership, which services brands such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi and Land Rover.

Geo Green is installing solar energy systems across large parts of Inchcape’s estate as well as renewable systems at data centres, warehouses, distribution centres and other businesses with high energy costs.

The company based in Wysall, Leicestershire has taken on additional office and warehousing space to support its growth plans. The 4,300 sq ft of extra space will house the increasing volume of materials needed to service the work carried out nationwide. The bigger office space will allow the company to continue its recruitment with the number of employees set to total more than 100 for the first time.

The company – which specialises in large-scale commercial projects for both new build and renovation projects – is able to deliver solutions that provide significant reductions in energy costs making the switch to green an increasingly attractive proposition when combined with falling installation costs. 

James Cunningham, MD, Geo Green Power, said: “Modern renewable energy systems have become even more efficient in recent years and at the same time installation costs have fallen. Payback is now typically within five years due to the significant reduction in energy costs that customers experience.

“Add that to mounting evidence of the damage done by fossil fuels, huge increases in energy costs and the threat over energy security that’s emerged from the war in Ukraine, and it means the calculations stack up even more. For businesses in particular, renewables make more sense than ever before.”

Geo Green’s installation teams operate nationwide and at any one time the company is carrying out multiple renewable energy infrastructure projects. Typically, a large solar installation is carried out with little or no disruption while the customer continues to operate its business. Commercial installation work is generally completed and fully operational within a couple of weeks depending on scale.

James Cunningham said: “We’re giving our customers control of their energy needs and supporting their sustainability goals. Lots of businesses and homeowners want to help the climate but, understandably, the maths has to add up and we make sure that happens.

“Our renewable energy systems are guaranteed for 25 years and we’ve created a strong service and maintenance culture within the company which means we’re getting a lot of recommendations and repeat business. I’m particularly proud of our team – there’s a strong commitment to high quality work and to keeping our customers happy that I think will serve us well in the years ahead.”

The company specialises in solar energy systems, heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers, battery systems and other sources of renewable energy for installation in both commercial and residential properties. 

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