Geo Green Power has grown from 19 to 29

Geo Green Power has grown from 19 to 29 employees in the last year as we keep pace with a growing demand for renewable energy installations throughout the UK.

On 25 November the UN announced that the levels of CO2 had risen to 407.8 parts per million, an alarming new high. In a year that has seen unprecedented weather extremes and where the climate emergency has been at the forefront of the global conversation, we have expanded our team to cope with the increasing demand from individuals and businesses who want to do more.

We have definitely seen a shift this year in terms of why people and businesses are looking to invest in renewable energy. More and more customers want renewable energy because they want to make a difference, as well as see their utility costs come down.

As the UN’s figures demonstrate, there is still a lot to be done, but with the systems that we have installed already saving around 26,350 tonnes of CO2 every year our customers should not underestimate the impact they are having.

Geo Green Power was established in 2009 and we’ve grown steadily, expanding our operations in 2015 to supply and install air source and ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

We have recruited this year to expand both our heating and solar installation teams to keep up with growing demand. Our ability to offer both services has allowed us to create innovative bespoke heating and energy schemes for customers, which have been shortlisted for industry awards.

In 2018 we installed around 2MW of renewable energy systems, this year we will deliver over 3MW. In the new year we’re expanding our offer by adding LED lighting to our portfolio and providing customers with yet more options to reduce costs, save energy and be more environmentally friendly.

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