How to Deal with Pigeons Nesting Under Your Solar Panels

Pigeons often build their nests in awkward locations, and one of the areas that they can favour is underneath solar panels as it’s shaded and offers protection against the elements. Unfortunately, pigeons can wreak havoc on your solar PV system if they nest here.

While dealing with pigeons already nesting can be a costly endeavour to solve, there are some ways you can prevent them from choosing your solar panels as a nesting site to minimise the chance of them causing damage. Here are a few of our tips for dealing with pigeons interfering with your solar panels.

Put bird mesh and spikes in place

One of the most effective ways to deter pigeons from nesting under your solar panels is to put bird mesh in place which is designed to seal off the area underneath the panels. Bird mesh clips attach directly to the panels to secure the panels while still allowing air to circulate.

Bird nets and mesh are low impact, cost effective and subtle, so they’re not going to create any aesthetic issues for your roof. Another option is roof spikes which are a slightly more visually intrusive option but highly effective at deterring birds from roosting on or near the panels. 

Install plastic predators

Plastic birds of prey are actually a very effective way to keep pigeons away from your property, especially if you invest in ones that move with the breeze for a more convincing appearance that will scare other birds away. There are options to suit all budgets, from basic plastic birds to high-tech automated versions, and they can be paired with other solutions such as bird nets to provide a fully comprehensive system for deterring pigeons on your roof.

Maintain a clean garden

Birds will be more attracted to your garden if there are things to eat or twigs and branches to use as nesting materials, so keeping your garden well maintained can help to minimise the chances of birds finding your property appealing. If there are no food sources to pick from and nothing beneficial to pigeons, they’re likely to go elsewhere to nest. Make sure that any bins are well-sealed and, if you have pets, their food is kept out of the garden.

Keep your solar panels maintained regularly

An effective way to prevent problems with your solar panels is to schedule in regular maintenance to keep your solar PV system working properly. Having your panels checked will prevent any build-up of lichen and moss, as well as bird droppings which can impact the efficiency of your solar panels, and will ensure that any cracks, wiring issues or potential problems will be spotted early and resolved.

Call pest control experts

If the problem has become too far gone and you already have birds nesting under the panels, it’s advisable to call in a specialist to handle it properly as there are some nests that you shouldn’t attempt to move.

Final thoughts

Pigeons can be a nuisance, causing damage and maintenance issues to your solar PV investment, so preventing them from choosing your roof as their nesting site is key. Having to have birds removed from your property and repairing any damage they’ve caused to your solar panels can be expensive, so investing a bit of time and money in prevention can save you a lot further down the line.

Need further advice about maintaining your solar panels? Get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.


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