How to make your business greener

Climate change remains one of the biggest threats to our world, resulting in governments, individuals and businesses alike trying to find ways to minimise their impact on the planet. When it comes to being eco-friendly small changes can have a big impact if enough of us make the switch to a greener way of living and working. Here are some of our top suggestions for running a greener business.

Think about your energy supply

Opting for a green energy supplier is great for many businesses but supplying your own energy is even better. Businesses can generate their own energy or heating through a number of different on-site methods now, from solar PV panels to ground source heat pumps. What’s more, battery storage systems make it possible to store surplus energy that’s produced, enabling businesses to use all of the solar energy they generate or providing a back-up power source if they can’t run the risk of a power shortage.

These options enable businesses to operate on renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint and cut energy costs significantly. There are renewable energy solutions for all industries and sizes of business, depending on the available space or budget, making it a flexible way to minimise the company’s impact on the environment.

Create a ‘green team’

Developing green initiatives for your business is an ongoing process, so it can be beneficial to have a team in the company who can guide these practices and empower the company as a whole to make better choices. A ‘green team’ ensures that the changes the business makes stay in place and become part of the company culture. When your staff are invested in the changes your business is making, it’s more likely that others will follow and ensure that the business stays ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental practices.

Encourage green transportation

Encourage staff to make greener choices when they’re commuting to work, such as using public transport, cycling or car sharing, which can make a big impact on carbon emissions. As a business, you can also invest in the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles on the premises, which benefits staff and customers alike. Organisations should also consider the providers they partner with, so that each aspect of the business is as eco-friendly as possible.

Use energy-saving technology

Running a business is a big expense, but it also costs the planet too. However, there are changes you can make to help your office save energy. Switching to smart lighting that is triggered by motion sensors to avoid wasting electricity unnecessarily, along with smart energy metres that help you monitor energy usage in real-time, can help businesses keep a track on their energy usage more effectively. There are other areas of the business premises that you can make eco-friendlier choices with too, such as choosing LED lighting and energy-efficient computer technology.

Go paperless

As any business understands, paper is a resource that often gets wasted in an office environment. Going paperless is a big step towards running a greener business, but it can also encourage efficiency and data security too. Storing everyday documents, files and other business admin on the cloud is a convenient way of keeping everything in one place, and it’s environmentally friendly too. It can also improve collaboration and communication between teams, especially with the rise of remote working.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s switching your energy supply, adopting a stricter recycling process or helping staff make eco-friendlier choices with their transportation, there are numerous ways that businesses can consider the environment in their operations.

Organisations have a responsibility to reduce their carbon emissions and contribute towards a cleaner planet, and the more companies that do so, the more will follow in their footsteps. For advice on greener energy solutions for your commercial premises, contact the team at Geo Green Power today.

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