Introducing the Smart Export Guarantee

What is it?

The Smart Export Guarantee pays you for the excess renewable electricity you generate but don’t use. This government scheme ensures that homes that export excess renewable electricity into the grid are guaranteed payment for it.

To get paid for the electricity you export you’ll need to sign up to a SEG tariff with a company. Geo Green Power help all of our customers to navigate the SEG process to ensure they will receive the best price for their electricity.

Can I get a Smart Export Guarantee tariff? 

If you install solar panels you should be able to sign up to a SEG tariff.

  • Your installation must be 5MW capacity or less (50kW for micro-CHP).
  • You’ll need a meter that can provide half-hourly readings for electricity export.
  • Your installation must be MCS-certified.

If your solar panels are installed with Geo Green Power, we’ll fit a meter than can provide half-hourly readings for electricity export, and will provide evidence that the installation is MCS-certified.

How much could I earn with solar panels and the Smart Export Guarantee? 

Installing solar PV and signing up to an SEG tariff will help you reduce your emissions and save money on your energy in the long term. Energy suppliers set their own SEG tariff prices, so we’re on hand to help you find the best price for your energy.

Actual bill savings and SEG earnings will depend on how much electricity you export to the grid, your export tariff rates, time of export (if the SEG has a time-variable rate), how much of the electricity you use yourself and the price you pay for electricity.

Who can I sign up to a Smart Export Guarantee tariff with? 

All companies with more than 150,000 customers have to offer a SEG tariff. Smaller companies can also do so and it’s expected that other companies besides traditional energy companies will offer tariffs as well, so we’ll keep a look out for different options available to you.

The Solar Trade Association has a comparison table of currently available SEG tariffs so you can compare rates.

What are the types of rates I can get?

There are currently two types of SEG tariffs, fixed rate and flexible rate. Fixed rate SEGs have a set amount that they pay per kilowatt hour of electricity you export to the grid, regardless of the time. This is currently the pattern that most SEG tariffs are following.

Flexible rate SEGs pay varying amounts depending on how valuable the electricity is to the system at different times. On a flexible rate SEG tariff you could be paid more for exporting electricity at a time when there is a high demand for it.

Companies might also offer multi-rate SEGs where there are different set rates for electricity exported at different times, such as day and night rates, or weekday and weekend rates. Some companies are also offering tariffs where the price (per kWh of electricity) is fixed for the duration of the contract, while others are offering variable rates. A variable rate means that they can change the price of the tariff depending on whether they want to pay more or less for your electricity.

If you’re interested in generating Solar Power and benefiting from the SEG we would love to hear from you and get you up and running.

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