Reducing Carbon and Costs

Investing in renewable energy is great for the planet but also adds up for home owners and businesses

The climate debate has really heated up in the last few months and reducing carbon emissions is a big focus. Switching to renewable energy is key in terms of energy generation and there has never been a better time. Investing in renewable energy is greener and there are significant financial opportunities too.

Buildings with roof space or land, paying standard daytime tariffs and using electricity during the day will almost definitely lower their bills by installing Solar PV and using the electricity as it’s being generated. Households with high daytime usage will be in the same position, and when advising on any scheme we look at current costs and usage to create installations that will deliver a return on the investment within around 5 years.

For households with low daytime electricity the opportunity exists in combining solar with other technology. Battery storage, which is currently improving dramatically in terms of performance and cost, and Ground Source or Air Source Heating are further options for all schemes. And of course, if you’re driving an EV then why not use your free electricity to charge your car too!

Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps take heat from the ground or air and use an electric pump to boost the temperature for hot water and central heating. In this way they multiply 1kW of electrical energy into 3 or 4 kWs of heat energy which is then used for heating and hot water. 

These systems deliver energy savings on their own, and when combined with Solar PV it’s a very effective way of putting additional solar electricity capacity to use. These heating systems currently qualify for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive which means you are paid for the amount of heat you generate as well as seeing the savings. In this way many home-owners and businesses can see the system literally pay for itself in a few years.

Properties which are currently using oil or LPG for heating can make the biggest savings by switching to Domestic Ground Source Heat Pumps or Air Source Heat and, depending on the circumstances, properties on mains gas can also benefit.

Whatever your situation, we’re confident there will be a way of using renewables to make your current heating and energy more efficient and cost effective and would be happy to talk through what these options are. As well as Solar and Heat Pumps we install battery storage, biomass boilers and the most efficient conventional boilers so we’re confident we can tailor a system to meet customer needs.

In May the UK went a fortnight without using any coal power to generate electricity for the first time since the industrial revolution. This is a great achievement, but we still rely heavily on gas and nuclear power and the cost of energy for home owners and business is only ever going to increase. If you want to power your home or business with 100% renewable energy, become more energy independent and reduce running costs; investing in your own renewable energy installation is probably the right option.

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