Renewable Energy Can Power Green Recovery

On 30 June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he wants the UK to “build back greener” as part of the economic recovery. Today, businesses are reflecting on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their operations and making longer term plans for a new tomorrow.

Geo Green Power understand that a company’s biggest asset and overhead is often its property portfolio – office space, retail outlets, warehouses, factories and other facilities and plants. Improving efficiency and future proofing these investments is one of the best decisions that business owners can make right now.

These are the 3 Reasons why businesses should choose carbon free, renewable technology to support their Green Recovery.

1. Set Your Own Energy Tariff

One of the most solid investments open to businesses is solar PV and organisations with high daytime usage can often see a pay back on their initial outlay in as little as four years. Producing your own electricity protects you from price rises and enables you to effectively set your own tariff for many years to come.

A relatively small 50kW solar PV system could secure 42,500kWh of energy every year for just 4p per unit for the next 20 years. With very little maintenance and ongoing cost, a solar PV system produces free, green electricity for many more years after this and alongside the significant financial saving delivers an annual reduction of 19 tonnes of CO2.

2. Secure Your Future Energy Supply

As we look to decarbonise the economy, demand for electricity will increase. One example is the increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads, and another is the need to switch fossil fuel heating to renewable and electric systems. Such an increase in demand is likely to drive up energy prices and some locations may even need to invest in upgrading their connection to the grid if they need to operate high-load activities such as onsite vehicle charging.

Investing in your own energy production and pairing this with battery storage can deliver savings in today’s market, but the value of this investment will almost certainly increase in coming years. Supplementing your supply with renewable energy and storage could protect your operation from expensive capacity issues in the future.  

3. Take Advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

If your business requires space heating or hot water, the RHI can make investing in air source or ground source heating very attractive. The current commercial scheme, which closes to new applicants in March 2021, provides a subsidy based on the amount of heat generated for 20 years and delivers a great return on investment.

Heat pumps take heat from the air or ground and use an electric pump to boost the temperature. In this way they multiply 1 unit of electrical energy into 3 or 4 units of heat energy. They reduce CO2 emissions and cost savings can total £100,000s depending on the fuel they replace. If your business uses a lot of heat, it’s almost certainly worth investigating while the current subsidy is still in place.

Geo Green Power work with commercial customers to design and install bespoke systems that operate on a basis of maximum efficiency, CO2 reduction and significant return on investment. Using your current energy usage and the future direction and development of your operation, our priority is to provide a system that meets your needs. We use our expertise across a range of renewable technologies including Solar PV, heat pumps and battery storage to tailor and deliver this.

When much of the UK closed over the Spring and into the Summer, many businesses and employees discovered new technologies and ways of working and many are rethinking the shape of their operation going forward. We have had a glimpse of a low carbon alternative to business as usual; and it’s now up to us to use this as an opportunity to build back better and build back greener.


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