Renewable Energy Continues to Grow at Bell Plantation

Geo Green Power have sealed a deal to deliver the third renewable energy project at Bell Plantation, Towcester.

The Garden Centre and Shopping Village, which has always been proud of its environmental credentials, is investing a further £175,000 into renewable energy in the form of a ground source heat pump system to run alongside the existing biomass boiler and solar PV systems. The new heat pump system will save approximately 68 tonnes of CO2 a year whilst providing an attractive return on investment.

80kW solar PV scheme installed in Spring 2019

Geo Green Power first worked with Bell Plantation in 2018 when they assisted in making their existing biomass boiler more efficient. The renewable energy specialist then went on to install an 80kW solar PV scheme in Spring 2019. Just one year later Geo Green Power are back on site to install the next system in Bell Plantation’s renewable energy portfolio.

“Their expertise in both solar and heating has made them the perfect partner”

Owner, Ashley Warren, said: “Our new ground source heat pump will be providing heating for some new retail space that is currently being planned and developed. With Geo Green Power’s help we’re looking to provide energy and heating to our site in the most low carbon and sustainable way possible.

“Although there were other options open to us, we just can’t justify investing in anything other than renewable forms of energy for the business. We’ve always had sustainability at the heart of what we do, when we operated as commercial landscapers we helped to plant 100,000s of trees in the local area.

“Geo Green Power were recommended to us when we had concerns about our biomass boiler. Since then their expertise in both solar and heating has made them the perfect partner for us as we’ve continued to invest in renewable energy.”

Stiebel Eltron ground source heat pumps

Once completed the heat pump system will be housed in a dedicated building where visitors are welcome to go and see it in action.

Geo Green Power’s Sales Director, James Cunningham, added: “It’s great to be back in Towcester working with Bell Plantation. The directors of the business are committed to running their site in the most sustainable way and we’re delighted to be able to deliver this for them. There’s always an option for business owners to install an old fashioned, fossil fuelled energy system in place of a renewable energy system, but it’s just not the right thing to do anymore and it’s certainly not the future.”

With 18 units offering everything from dining and shopping to childcare, landscaping, and poultry; Bell Plantation’s success is down to delivering a great experience to all its visitors. Located on the A43 and A5 roundabout outside Towcester it’s an ideal location to attract visitors from across the country.

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