Tesla’s Elon Musk Lights Up Social Media With A TED Style Keynote

When Elon Musk introduced a new home battery that delivers stored solar energy, I expected to read about it briefly and move on to other news. But his keynote kept appearing on my radar. Readers encouraged me to watch it. A writer for the Verge titled his blog post, “The best tech keynote I’ve ever seen.” “Dude’s selling a battery and he still managed to be inspiring,” writes T.C Sottek. Twitter also lit up with comments such as these:

 @jonsjanssens: A keynote to remember.

@digitallybones: Can’t get over the Tesla Energy keynote. Short, precise, and funny.

@alexrobert: I sincerely think we’re going to look back to @elonmusk’s keynote and compare it to Steve Jobs’ iPhone unveiling.

After watching the keynote, I understand why many people are impressed with it. Elon Musk introduces Tesla Energy in a format that resembles more of a TED talk than a traditional product launch. Musk’s keynote offers leaders a blueprint for how to launch a product. Here are four specific reasons why Elon Musk delivered a “a keynote to remember.”

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