We Plant a Tree for Every Quote We Produce

This World Environment Day we’re teaming up with TreeApp and planting a tree for every quote we produce for our customers. We’ve kicked off with a tree planted for every quote since the start of May and we hope to be planting well over 100 every month.

Like any business, we’re aware that our operations have an impact on the environment and the three big reasons for us to do something about it – our team, our customers and the future.

As we grow, we need to find great people to join our team and retain the considerable experience and talent that we have. As well as a number of benefits, a key reason why many of our people choose to work for us is that their everyday role has a positive impact on the environment.

When we launched in 2010, with the Feed in Tariff in place, nearly all of our customers went ahead with their installation due to the financial benefits. With the recent energy price hikes cost savings have been high on the agenda again, but the majority of our private and corporate clients are as focused on the CO2 saving and reduction in pollution. Investing in renewable energy, and solar PV in particular, is one of the most effective ways to drive down a company’s carbon footprint and often our customers are investing as part of a wider environmental strategy.

As the UK and Europe begin to heat up for the summer we are about to experience once again for ourselves the impact that we are having on global temperatures. There is a stark warning from the UN that average global temperatures will exceed the 1.5°C threshold for the first time this year. If there was ever the right time to do more to reduce the impact you’re having on the planet, IT’s NOW!

So this year we are focusing on what Geo Green Power can do to support environmental projects and become even more sustainable, because it’s important to our Team, our Customers and our Future.

We’ve chosen to support TreeApp’s programme to plant trees where they are needed across the globe as our first initiative, but there will be more! Including a review of how we manage plastics in our day to day operations and supply chain – which is a focus for this year’s World Environment Day.

Follow our progress on our website and if you’re thinking about investing in renewable energy ensure that you speak to us about your project and help us plant trees!

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