Why farms are investing in solar panels

Farms and agricultural businesses are becoming increasingly interested in investing in solar panels. This is down to the multiple potential applications. Not only can solar panels provide farms with a constant supply of free energy, it can also now be seen as an alternative ‘crop’ as large arrays can produce a significant amount of money through the government’s tariff system.

Here we take a look at the major benefits of investing in solar panels for farmers and owners of agricultural land.

Powering farms and agricultural buildings

Farms are dependent on a large amount of electricity, and with energy costs continuing to climb it is a struggle for some farms and agricultural businesses to remain profitable. Installing solar panels can provide farms with low cost, renewable energy, which can dramatically reduce energy bills across agricultural buildings.

If the farm currently has unused space either for ground-mounted panels or on the roofs of buildings, solar panels can make a fantastic investment.

Solar applications in agriculture

There are actually a surprising number of agricultural applications for solar power outside of simply powering buildings. For example, solar drying is a practice that utilises solar-powered dryers to dry easily perishable crops efficiently and reduce the percentage that become spoiled in standard open-air drying. These dryers are not only more efficient, they also protect crops from birds and insects.

Another common use for solar power is in regulation greenhouse temperatures to get the ideal, constant temperature inside. It is also now commonplace to find solar-powered irrigation.

Solar power as a ‘crop’

Some commentators are describing solar panels as a new type of ‘crop’ for farmers. There is the opportunity for farms with large amounts of roof space or land that isn’t currently being used in a profitable space, to invest in large arrays of panels. This allows farms the ability to earn more from the solar energy they generate.

The advantages of solar power on farmland

In the majority of cases there is actually no need to gain planning permission to have solar panels installed at a farm. This can make the whole process of investing in the technology very simple and straightforward.

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