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At Geo Green Power, we specialise in all forms of solar PV installation. We have carried out installation projects in and around Birmingham for many years. Our team of experienced solar panel installers will advise, quote and install with exceptional quality and customer experience.

For businesses, it is hugely valuable to be investing in solar power. This clean energy source can provide you with free power at a time when energy prices continue to rise. This can be an enormously beneficial way for you to reduce the outgoings of your business and even contribute extra profit. It can reduce your carbon footprint and simultaneously lower your energy bills.

Solar Panels

Heat Pumps Birmingham

We offer a wide range of different forms of renewable energy and have the knowledge to provide you with details on which might be perfect for you. A product that is increasing in popularity are our ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), which draw heat out of the ground by using a looped pipe buried down in the soil.

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint this can be a fantastic product to invest in, as it is an extremely clean source of energy due to the fact that it is renewed naturally. As there is a requirement for power, GSHPs work extremely well alongside a solar PV installation, so it can be a great idea to have the systems installed together.

“Geo Green Power have provided professional and yet friendly service…extremely helpful at every stage, always answering the smallest of queries promptly. All workmen have been informative, polite and helpful. We would definitely recommend them to anyone considering installing solar panels. We wish the company all the best!” Commercial Installation.

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Solar Panel Maintenance

Geo Green Power also specialise in the maintenance of solar PV systems across Birmingham and the West Midlands. This can include everything from individual repairs from one-off damage to long-term ongoing maintenance including yearly servicing. Our panels actually require very little in the way of maintenance – but we can handle anything you need.

We have a team of qualified electricians who can deal with everything from annual servicing to mending faults. We can also provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics for your solar panels to ensure that your system is running at the optimal rate.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Heat Pumps and Heating Systems

We can additionally take care of any maintenance that you need to have carried out on your heat pumps and heating systems. This might include dealing with urgent issues such as a gas leaks or boiler breakdowns, or may be keeping up with yearly servicing for your ground source heat pump. Whether you have a traditional hating system in place or a renewable system, we can help.

Even if we did not fit your initial system, we are happy to carry out any maintenance and repair work that you need. This can be on a job-to-job basis, or an ongoing maintenance arrangement.

Heat Pump Maintenance

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

What our customers say

What our customers say

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Based close to Birmingham, Geo Green Power is a team of highly experienced solar panel and renewable energy specialists. We call on our years of expertise to design, install and provide maintenance on solar panel projects across the country, and we would love to begin working with you.

You can visit our testimonials sections to read about us from our growing number of satisfied customers in and around the Birmingham area. Our central location means that we are perfectly placed to take on your project, and our dedication to providing superb customer service is second to none.

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We would be delighted to provide you with any further information on solar panel installation in Birmingham or any of the renewable energy services that we provide here at Geo Green Power. If you would like to learn more about us or discuss your project please get in contact with our experienced team today.

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