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Over the past years, solar panel installations have sharply risen in popularity as a profitable investment vehicle for businesses and properties in the Leeds area. Against the background of tough economic conditions, many businesses and private investors are realising the financial opportunities offered by generating their own electricity, while achieving excellent returns on their investment.

The specialist team at Geo Green Power has a real passion for renewable energy. We can provide expert advice and guidance on choosing the best solar PV system for your needs and provide full installation services too. From modest residential roof installations to large scale commercial or agricultural systems, why not get in touch to discuss your energy requirements and talk through the options?

Solar Panels

Heat Pumps Leeds

Renewable heating systems are gaining popularity as environmentally sustainable, low carbon solutions for buildings and commercial premises. Geo Green Power specialise in the design and installation of renewable energy solutions such as ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) and biomass boilers for both residential properties and commercial premises. We are registered with the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Ground source heat pumps use coiled, buried pipes to extract heat from underground. The system is simple, exceptionally reliable and surprisingly maintenance free. Biomass boilers use wooden pellets and logs to deliver heating and hot water with great efficiency. Contact our experts in Leeds for professional advice regarding any kind of renewable energy system for your building or land.

Heat Pumps

Solar Panel Maintenance

Do you require maintenance on your solar panels in Leeds? As well as dealing with the installation of solar PV systems, Geo Green Power can also offer you a full range of solar panel maintenance services in and around the Leeds area. Our fully qualified team has extensive experience and would love to help with any problem you have been experiencing.

The majority of solar panels actually require very little in the way of maintenance. Outside of yearly servicing it is rare to need help with issues, as the panels have no moving parts and generally function normally for many years. However, for any problem – large or small – we are always available to help.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Heating and Heat Pump Maintenance

We can also help you with any maintenance that you need to have carried out on your heat pumps or heating systems. This could include dealing with issues such as a gas leaks or boiler breakdowns. Alternatively, you may simply need to keep up with yearly servicing for your ground source heat pump. Whether you have a traditional hating system in place or a renewable system, we have the experience team to help you.

Even if we did not fit your initial system, our team can happily carry out any maintenance and repair work that you need. This can be on a job-to-job basis, or an ongoing maintenance arrangement.

Heat Pump Maintenance

How do heat pumps work?

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

What our customers say

What our customers say

Why choose Geo Green Power?

Geo Green Power is a professional supplier and installer of all types of renewable energy systems including roof mounted solar systems and ground based installations. Our expert team can work with budgets of all sizes to design and fit a sustainable system that matches your requirements and energy needs exactly, with the option to add to the system at a later date if required.

We are based in Central England, ideally located to cover a wide range of locations including Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and beyond. Always endeavouring to deliver the best possible customer experience, we are delighted to be receiving positive feedback from a growing number of customers in the area. Visit our Testimonials page and see for yourself, for your added peace of mind.

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For reliable, professional supply and fit services of renewable energy solutions including solar PV installations in Leeds and the surrounding area, Geo Green Power is at your service. We have the expertise to deal with green energy requirements for a wide range of residential and commercial buildings, anywhere in the UK, and would love to discuss your next project. For further information about how we can help, please contact 0800 988 3188, fill in our online enquiry form or contact us here.


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Recent GSHP Installation in Leeds

In 2019 Rob Tuley, like many others, began to seriously consider his environmental impact and investigated a renewable heating solution that would make him greener. Weighing up his options, Rob found that installing a ground source heat pump at his house in Leeds would make the biggest difference.

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Recent GSHP Installation in Leeds