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Solar Panels Solihull

At Geo Green Power, we have many years’ experience in the renewable energy sector and in that time, we’ve developed the knowledge and experience to help Solihull clients make the right choice when it comes to renewable energy solutions.

We specialise in all forms of solar PV installation and we’ve worked on various installation projects in and around Solihull, helping clients switch to a greener solution. Whether you’re looking to have solar panels installed on your business premises or you have a new commercial project you’d like to discuss, we can work with you.

Solar PV installations offer a considerable benefit to Solihull businesses in a number of ways – solar installations provide a clean energy source that supplies free power to your business premises, so you can avoid rising energy prices. Solar PV systems can help you to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your outgoings, and they can even provide you with a profit. For these reasons and more, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to invest in green energy.


Solar Panels

Renewable Energy / Heat Pumps Solihull

Geo Green Power has worked with many Solihull-based businesses to supply and install Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs), in addition to solar PV installations. GSHPs use coiled, buried pipes to pull heat from the ground that can then be used in your property. GSHPs are an increasingly popular solution that can reduce your carbon emissions while also using clean technology to generate heat. GSHPs are incredibly effective when used in conjunction with solar PV installations too, for a combination of renewable energy solutions that could benefit your businesses.

Heat Pumps

Solar Panel Maintenance in Solihull

We appreciate the importance of maintenance when it comes to solar PV installations. While solar panels are typically low maintenance, it’s still important to service them each year to ensure they’re working efficiently and that there are no issues. Our team of qualified electricians can assist with the long-term care and maintenance of your solar PV systems, and we’re on hand to help if any faults appear.

We offer annual servicing, and we can resolve any one-off problems or faults that need repairing. We can also provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics, so you have complete peace of mind that your energy system is working properly at all times.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Heat Pumps and Heating Systems

Ensure your GSHPs and heating systems are protected and continue to work efficiently for as long as possible with our maintenance services. Our team of certified plumbers can help you with yearly servicing, urgent repairs, gas leaks, boiler breakdowns and more. We can also handle traditional heating systems. Whether we installed the system or not, we’ll be more than happy to assist you with any problems you’re facing, whether it’s on an ongoing basis or as and when you need us.

Heat Pump Maintenance

How do heat pumps work?

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Plant a Tree with Geo Green Power

Did you know you can support reforestation efforts with Geo Green Power? We’ll plant one tree for every quote we produce! Simply request a free quote and we’ll take care of the rest.
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What our customers say

What our customers say

Why choose Geo Green Power?

Geo Green Power is based in Central England and works with clients in and around the Solihull area. We have years of experience in all aspects of solar and renewable energy products, so we can help with everything from designing energy systems to installations and maintenance.

We are well-positioned to take on projects in and around Solihull, so if you’re thinking of choosing a renewable energy system for your premises, give us a call to discuss. We’ve built a strong reputation for delivering a professional service and a high standard of workmanship – read the positive feedback we’ve received from past clients.


Who we work with

Client 19 – Police
Client 18 -Volkswagon
Client 17 – BMW
Client 16 – Kingspan
Client 15 – Panasonic
Client 14 – Synetic Solutions
Client 13 – TC Harrison Ford
Client 12 – Heathrow
Client 11 – Gates Ford
Client 10 – Siemens
Client 9 – Smeg
Client 8 – Fisher German
Client 7 – Unite Students
Client 6 – Rushcliffe Borough Council
Client Five – JCB
Client Four – West Coast Corrugated
Client Three – Inchcape UK
Client Two – Nottingham City Council
Client One – University of Nottingham

Biomass Boiler & Solar PV Installation Near Solihull

  • Type of business: Environmental Training Centre
  • Type of Installation(s): Biomass Boiler and Solar PV
  • Size of Installation: 60kW and 9kW
  • Yearly Output: 184MWH
  • Annual CO2 Saving: 0 (carbon neutral)
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Geo Green Power have the expertise and the experience to provide a number of renewable energy solutions to help you get the most out of your land, commercial premises or investment property in Solihull. For more information and expert advice about commercial solar PV installations, biomass boilers or ground source heat pumps, please call Geo Green Power on 0800 988 3188 or fill in the online enquiry form.

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