Ground Source Heat Pumps – NIBE F1345

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NIBE F1345

  • Available in four sizes: 24, 30, 40 and 60 KW
  • Exceptionally high efficiency
  • Installation friendly
  • User-friendly multicolour display with instruction and multilingual support
  • High flow temperatures – up to 65 degrees C for excellent hot water comfort
  • Seasonal performance leading the industry
  • Refrigerant volume at less than 5 tonnes of C02
  • Low sound levels
  • NIBE uplink ready
  • Smart Grid ready

The NIBE F1345 is a ground source heat pump (GSHP) that offers a truly user-friendly commercial heat pump that is excellent for buildings that have a high demand for heat. It has been designed to supply properties with environmentally-friendly heating at a low cost.

The F1345 great choice if you are looking for a GSHP ideal large commercial properties or industrial buildings with a high demand for heat. It can be easily connected with low temperature distribution systems including all forms of conventional indoor heating such as radiators, underfloor heating and convectors. Additionally it can be combined with accessories including passive cooling, ventilation recovery, hot water heaters and more.

It uses speed-controlled circulation pumps to optimise both heating and hot water charging, and utilises two large scroll compressors which are overseen by an intelligent system to provide better power control and reduce wear on the pump.

You can choose the F1345 in a selection of four sizes: 24, 30, 40 and 60 kW, depending on the overall needs of your building. As a highly flexible option it has an advanced control system which can be modified for a wide range of system solutions.

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