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Our Ultimate Guide to Ground Source Heat Pump Costs and Savings

Are you interested in having a ground source heat pump installed at your property? Whether you are looking into a large scale commercial installation, or a small system for a residential property, the team at Geo Green Power have years of experience and can provide you with expert advice and assistance.

Clients are often interesting in the financial details of GSHPs so we have put together this guide to the costs involved in having a system installed.

What is the cost of a ground source heat pump?

For a standard domestic GSHP, the cost for the pump itself would start from around £8,000, while for a large-scale commercial installation, the cost of the heat pump would likely be around £25,000. However, these are figures only take into account that actual cost of the pump, rather than the full cost associated with installation. It is also key to note that these figures are only estimates, and your project may require a different type of heat pump.

What affects the cost of a GSHP?

There are a number of different factors that affect the cost of the GSHP that you have installed. Of course, the size and power of the pump is a key factor; larger properties require longer ground loops and more powerful pumps.

The amount of borehole drilling and groundwork that needs to be carried out is also an important factor. There is essentially a choice between two options: horizontal groundwork and vertical groundwork. Horizontal groundwork is generally cheaper, but also requires a larger physical space. A variety of issues affects the cost of the groundworks including:

  • Depth of borehole
  • Design and construction of borehole
  • Location of borehole
  • Geology and hydrology of the site

Full installation costs

The full cost of a ground source heat pump can vary enormously depending on the size of the system required and whether there are any additional works that need to be undertaken. For a standard residential property with a GSHP with a capacity of 11kW along with underfloor heating and radiators, the system might have an overall cost of around £25,000 (5% vat).

For a large commercial or industrial installation that requires significant groundwork and installation across a much broader area, the figure could be around £90,000 (20% vat). Once again, these figures are only estimates – if you are interested in getting a quote for your project, please contact Geo Green Power for more details.  

Running and maintenance costs

It is also important to factor running and maintenance costs into the overall price of your GSHP. We only stock heat pumps from highly reputable manufacturers with great reputations for quality and longevity. However, any GSHP system will require a level of maintenance. Typically, the maintenance costs are around £100 per year, per heat pump unit.

Potential savings

In spite of the costs associated with ground source heat pumps, it is possible to receive an excellent return on your investment in the system. GSHPs provide you with free renewable energy that can significantly reduce or even eliminate your property heating costs.

NIBE Heat Pumps

One of the most popular heat pump brands that we supply is that of Swedish manufacturer NIBE. NIBE heat pumps are renowned for their build quality and durability. The company has many years of experience producing first-class equipment ideal for both industrial and domestic properties.

The company supplies a full range of GSHPs in a variety of sizes – at Geo Green Power we can find the perfect NIBE pump for your project.

Kensa Heat Pumps

UK-based provider Kensa is another popular manufacturer of heat pumps. With a full range of options to suit projects of all sizes, the team at Kensa calls on more than 15 years of experience in ground source heat pumps.

One of the most commonly purchased products from Kensa is the Shoebox Heat Pump; the smallest and quietest system on offer. We can offer Kensa heat pumps at fantastic prices to ensure that you are getting the best value from your system.

Get a tailored quote on a GSHP

Are you interested in learning more about ground source heat pumps and understanding the potential costs and savings of a system? Our team would be delighted to help. Call us today on 0800 988 3188 to speak to an experience member of staff. Alternatively, you can email directly at and we will answer your queries as soon as possible.

A very professional installation. All the staff I met and dealt with were friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend the Company. Thank you all, 5 stars!!

We found your service efficient and enquiries polite and considerate. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is looking for solar, in fact we have another farm building which will be sorted after Christmas, and would think we will be contacting you again. Thank you once again.

I have been very pleased with the speedy and efficient service we have received. Everyone in the Geo Green Power team has been pleasant to deal with and all aspects of the installation were carried out in a timely and effective manner. Many thanks for making our lives easier!

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