Solar Panel Installation for Car Dealerships

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An increasing number of car dealerships are choosing solar power. With energy one of the largest expenses that auto dealerships must contend with, and costs for energy rising considerably, more and more businesses are seeking ways to lower costs. The price for solar PV systems has declined in recent years, making it a more accessible option for dealerships to take advantage of.

At Geo Green Power, we’re experts in sustainable energy solutions and we can advise your car dealership on the best ways to maximise solar power for your business.

Car dealerships rely on energy to operate, from lighting to tech-enhanced showrooms, and electricity is one of the largest overhead expenses for businesses in this sector. But whether you install solar car ports or choose rooftop solar installations, auto dealerships can benefit from solar power to reduce costs and make the business more profitable overall. Auto dealerships can make use of otherwise unutilised roof space to make it more productive.

The architecture of car dealerships is well-suited to solar power installations, since there are typically unused, obstacle-free roofing for showrooms and offices that can be put to better use with solar panels. There’s no need to modify your commercial space to accommodate the panels, making it a quick switch that offers countless benefits.

It’s also an effective way to boost your brand’s reputation as an environmentally friendly business that is committed to making the swap to cleaner energy. With more consumers interested in electric and hybrid vehicles, choosing renewable energy can help to align with your customers’ values, especially if you install EV chargers on-site to accommodate these customers further.

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Most car dealership sites are suitable for roof-mounted solar installations, since there are typically car ports, showrooms and offices that have flat or low-pitched roofs to generate substantial amounts of power. They’re a way to make use of unproductive space, without reducing your square footage in any way. These spaces rarely require planning permission and the maintenance and servicing costs for PV installations are generally low. Not only do solar panels offer protection against rising energy costs, but they are also eco-friendly, with no greenhouse gases released and no impact to natural resources.

Solar PV Experts

Rooftop solar panels are quick to install so you’ll recover your initial outlay faster, making them a popular choice for auto dealers. The time has never been better to make investments into solar power, to set your business apart, appeal to environmentally conscious customers and protect your business from high energy expenses.

We’re on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best options for your car dealership, helping you to make the best use of the space you have available as well as advising on the sort of returns you can expect from your investment. Whatever your budget, we will work closely with you to design, supply and fit a solar PV system that meets your requirements and offers the potential to expand in the future if you so wish.

Case Study

Geo Green Power partnered with one of the UK’s leading franchised retailer groups, Inchcape UK, to install solar PV systems across their network of car showrooms. Following an initial contract for three sites, we signed a deal to install at a further 25 sites to support the business in their ambitious plans to reduce their global carbon emissions by 46% by 2030.

Check out our case study with BMW Inchcape Norwich

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