Electric Vehicle Charging

Are you considering purchasing an EV? You’re not alone. The market is accelerating rapidly. Predictions range from there being 10,000 and 10,000,000 EVs on UK roads by 2025.

Whether you want to join the electric revolution to reduce your carbon footprint or to get behind the wheel of the latest model you will need to charge it in order to drive it!

We have created three simple packages to keep your EV fully charged and on the road.

Speak to our team is you are looking for EV Charging options for multiple vehicles or commercial sites.

Electric Vehicle Charging

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Simply Charged – from £500

An EV charger to suit your make and model of car, fully installed

Whichever make or model you choose, we can supply and install the right EV charger for you.

Our chosen brands are compatible with all makes and models and offer the best choice in terms of quality and reliability.

Our Standard Charger one-off fee includes the specification, supply and fit of the right EV charger for your vehicle plus any electrical upgrade work that might be required at your property.

Solar Boosted EV – from £5,000

EV Charger plus solar PV to provide energy for your vehicle and home

Depending on the time of day and how frequently you will be charging your EV, your new vehicle may have a significant impact on your electricity usage.

Our experience in specifying and installing solar PV enables us to provide a cost effective solar PV scheme alongside your EV charger if this is the right option for you.

A 5kW Solar PV scheme provides up to 5,000 kWh of energy that’s the equivalent of 16,500 miles of free driving!

Our Solar Boosted package is an excellent choice for households with high daytime electricity usage, or those who will be predominantly charging their vehicle during daylight hours.

Many customers choose our Solar Boosted package when installing a heat pump, so additional electricity generation can also be used to heat their homes.

Emissions Free EV – from £10,000

EV Charging, solar PV and battery storage – maximise and use all of the emissions free energy you generate

If going green is driving your passion for going electric then our Emissions Free package is right up your street combining an EV Charger, 5kW solar PV and 10kWh battery storage.

If you are likely to be charging your vehicle overnight, but don’t want to use electricity from the grid, generating and storing your own solar energy is the best option. Our experience in solar PV and battery storage technology enable us to create a scheme that is right for your household usage and your motoring habits.

When specifying our Emissions Free package our aim is to ensure that your new EV runs almost entirely on renewable energy when charged at your home address and your household reduces its reliance on the grid.

As we transition towards electric vehicles and electric heat pumps for our homes our electricity usage is expected to increase considerably. Some locations may experience difficulties accessing the increased capacity they need or upgrading their connections. Combining solar PV and battery storage is a great way of future-proofing your electricity supply and reducing emissions.

7kW Systems

Costs can vary depending on the installation requirements.

Andersons- EV Charger

£1400 – £1700

  • 7kW
  • Under 8 Hours For Full Charge
  • 96 Colour Combinations
My Energi Zappi - EV Charger

£1100 – £1400

  • 7kW
  • Optional Charging Modes
  • 3W Standby Power Consumption
Rolec - EV Charger

£950 – £1100

22kW Systems

Costs can vary depending on the installation requirements.

Andersons - EV Charger

£1700 – £2000

  • 22kW
  • 3 Years Andersen Care Cover
  • Waterproof
My Energi Zappi - EV Charger

£1400- £1700

  • 22kW
  • Optional Charging Modes
  • 3W Standby Power Consumption
Rolec - EV Charger

£1250 – £1400

Quasar EV Charger

Quasar 2 is a DC bidirectional electric vehicle charger, utilising the Combined Charging System standard and delivering 11.5kW power for compatible vehicles. This DC charger enables fast vehicle charging from your home, and it can even be used to pull energy from your car to send back to the grid or power your home with the right home set-up.

Based in the Midlands

Our Nottinghamshire base means our teams are well placed to install throughout the UK. If your project is a little further afield that’s not a problem as we’re always happy to discuss projects anywhere in the world.

We are frequently working in the locations listed:


How long does the EV charger installation take?

Between 2 to 4 hours depending on the desired location of your charge point.

When installed by a professional, the process is incredibly efficient and, in most cases, you can expect to have a working and fully tested charging point in a matter of hours. Based in Nottinghamshire, we offer electric car charging point installation across the Midlands and alongside larger installations throughout the UK.

What is included when installing electric car charging points?

Each installation includes:

  • Fixing the charging unit to a solid wall or another sturdy structure
  • Installing a cable to connect the distribution board to the charging point
  • routing the cable through the wall where required
  • Installing circuit protection to adhere to the relevant regulations
  • groundworks if a cable requires burying in a small trench

Are electric vehicle chargers universal?

Generally speaking, EV chargers are universal. Most EVs use a standard plug for Level 1 and Level 2 charging, which are the two most commonly found EV chargers.

DC chargers are less common but you will still find some of these charging  points in larger cities.

The other type of charger is a Tesla Supercharger which is only compatible with Tesla vehicles.

How much does it cost to install an electric vehicle charging station?

When it comes to electric car charging point installation UK residents can expect to pay between £800 and £1,500. The cost depends on the  model you choose and where you want to site it. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Can I charge my car through a standard plug socket?

While it is possible to charge an EV using a regular plug, and most vehicles will come with a cable to enable you to do so, it’s best to keep this as a back-up option rather than your main method of charging.

Charging your EV with a standard plug is very slow and it puts a strain on the electric circuit, since it runs close to its 3kW maximum for a much longer period. As an example, it will take over 17 hours to fully charge a 40kW battery, while a 64kW vehicle will take nearly 28 hours to charge from empty to full.

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What our customers say

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