One Year On – Cardboard manufacturer West Coast Corrugated Discuss Their 350kW Solar PV System

We caught up with West Coast Corrugated’s Managing Director, Daniel Graham, a year after we installed their 350kW solar PV system to find out how it was performing.

Daniel is a very happy customer. His system is saving between 25% and 30% of his electricity costs and is performing better than he initially expected.

“The installation has been great; it is everything James said it was and it’s very low maintenance. We had one issue early on one of our inverters, but Geo Green Power came, and it was about a two-minute job to fix it. Since then, we’ve not had to do anything with it, so it’s been up their doing what it does.” 

West Coast Corrugated Ltd manufacture corrugated packaging in the northwest of England, delivering everything from small brown boxes to big pallet bins and display units. Keen to reduce costs and make the business more sustainable, Daniel chose us to work with us in 2021 and we installed one of our largest systems to date. 

If you’re looking for a renewable energy solution for your business, contact us today and speak with one of our experienced surveyors. 

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