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When you choose Geo Green Power for your solar panel installation, you can feel assured that we work to the highest professional standard. Our solar panel installers have accreditations and certifications with CHAS, Gas Safe Register, IET, MCS, NICEIC, and RECC.

We are fully insured for the work that we carry out, and we only work with the highest quality providers of solar PV panels including JA Solar Panels, CanadianSolar, Sharp, Panasonic, and more. In other words, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you will have an excellent quality panel perfectly installed.

Our solar PV panels carry a 25-year warranty, and our installations carry a 24-month warranty, meaning you are protected for the long-term.

25 Year Warranty on Solar Panels

24 Month Warranty on Solar Installations

CHAS Accredited

Gas Safe Registered

IET Accredited

MCS Certified

NICEIC Certified

RECC Members

Fully Insured

Installation Rates & Costs

For commercial and industrial solar panel installations, an investment of around £10,000 is required for a small system. This cost includes the supply and installation of solar panels, inverter, isolators, cabling, relevant testing, certification and registering with regulatory bodies and your electricity company. The cost of installation is included in the total cost of the project.

For domestic properties interested in reducing their energy costs, a system will typically cost anywhere between £4,000 and £8,500 – although this can vary depending on the size of your property and the type of installation you are interested in. The cost of installation is factored into the cost of the project. However, if required, installation costs can be broken down separately.

Where Can You Install Solar Panels?

You may have only ever seen solar panels installed on rooves. There are four ways that panels can be installed on your roof:

  • Flat Roof – for flat roofs, panels can be laid in tubs or on frames to ensure that they achieve the correct elevations to maximise sunlight.
  • Pitched Roof – pitched roofs are perfect for solar and depending on the direction in which they face standard metal fixing frames are used to hold panels in place directly on top of the existing roof tiles or surface.
  • In-Roof – if you are in the process of fitting a new roof, you can save on material and labour costs by installing in-roof solar. An in-roof system replaces a section of tiles and lies flush with the overall surface of the roof. In-roof solar installations are perfect for new build and renovation projects.
  • Solar Slate – if you own a listed property solar slate tiles are an option. These solar installations have the appearance of a standard slate tile roof and the ability to generate solar power.

For large scale commercial installations, we often install at ground level. This can be ideal if you have sufficient space to angle the panels and get as much sunlight as possible. This may also be possible for domestic properties, although it is always dependent on whether the panels can get enough sunlight to make them worthwhile.

  • Tubs – ground mount tubs enable you to achieve a low-profile ground-mounted solution and they work well with smaller and domestic installations
  • Frame – most large-scale ground-mounted systems use frames to deliver the best elevation. On agricultural land, increased ground clearance allows for additional use, giving poultry and other livestock the freedom to roam freely.

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Recommended Solar Panel Types

We offer the two main types of solar panels currently available on the market: monocrystalline (mono) solar panels and polycrystalline (poly) solar panels. Mono panels are made from thin silicon wafers cut into a cylindrical shape – they are cut from a single crystal, making them more expensive but also more efficient. You can typically expect an efficiency rate between 15 and 24% for mono solar panels.

Poly solar panels are made using interlocking crystals, which are then cut into a rectangular shape. They are cheaper than mono panels but generally offer a lower rate of efficiency – somewhere between 13 and 18%.

Installation & Maintenance Requirements


For normal domestic properties, there is no requirement to gain planning permission, as long as the property is not a listed building and the installation sticks to the guidelines. Standalone panels can also be installed without seeking planning permission, although the size of the array is limited to 9m2, and no part of the installation can be higher than 4m. The array must also be at least 5m from the property.

In general, the requirements for commercial installations are the same as domestic installations, however, we can provide specific advice about your individual situation as necessary.


Solar panels typically require very little in the way of maintenance. They have no moving parts and typically generate electricity without a reduction in efficiency for many years. However, to ensure your panels remain in the best possible condition and run effectively, we recommend a yearly servicing.

This yearly servicing includes an inspection of the electrical hardware, cabling, mountings and panels and recommend any cleaning or maintenance requirements. We will also carry out electrical testing, and clean the heat sink and filters.

Boost Your Usage With Batteries

Boost Your Usage With Batteries

You may also be interested in battery back-up and storage to support your solar panel array. Having a battery in place allows you to store any surplus power generated during the day, which can then be used at a later time when the panels are not producing electricity.

We offer a full range of solar batteries from renowned brands including Tesla, Sunny Boy, Symo and more. If you would like to have batteries installed this can be carried out at the same time as your solar panel installation.

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