Many manufacturing businesses own huge buildings or warehouses with a large amount of unused roof space. These often provide the perfect capacity for large-scale commercial solar panel installations that can not only offset energy costs, but even make the business money from a completely vacant area of the property.

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Solar panels for manufacturing businesses

If you run a manufacturing business, you might think that your building is simply a space that you use to get on with day-to-day operations. But if you are not thinking about how to best use the whole of the space, you could be missing out. Many manufacturing businesses have very large buildings and warehouses with a completely unused roof space.

It is this space that can be used to house a solar PV panel installation. Generating your own power through solar panels can not only benefit you significantly, but it could also be a boon to the environment.

Could solar panels go on your roof?

The roof of a large commercial building is often the perfect place for a solar installation. Being high up means that there nothing likely to shade the panels for a significant period. It is especially true if you have a south or east-facing roof, as these angles are able to get the most sunshine and generate the most power.

If you have unused roof space of any kind, it can definitely be worth looking into the prospect of having panels installed.

Offsetting Energy Costs

There are many benefits to having solar panels installed, but one of the most obvious is that it can offset or even eliminate your energy costs. Solar panels generate power and this can be used directly to run anything electrical in your building, from machinery and computers to air conditioning units and lights.

Having solar panels in place can generate a large amount of energy and it may be enough to meet your electricity needs throughout the year. Any excess energy you generate can simply be sold back to the grid.

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Corporate social responsibility

It is also true that solar panels can be a boost for your business’ sustainability and green credentials. There is a need for manufacturing businesses to think about their corporate social responsibility and take appropriate steps to minimise the damage that they cause to the environment.

Having an array of solar panels can be fantastic from a PR perspective, but it also functionally gives back to the community

How solar panels can benefit your business

Overall, a solar panel installation can be a big benefit to your manufacturing business. Some of the most valuable benefits of a solar PV installation include:

  • Reducing your energy costs
  • Generating a return on investment
  • Becoming an energy-independent business
  • Competitive advantage
  • Saving your business money
  • A positive for the planet

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