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developing new techniques and processes for the future

At any one time we are carrying out multiple research projects with the aim of improving the technology that is currently available and developing new techniques and processes for the future. Many of these projects are funded by us, the majority are delivered in collaboration with other organisations including major universities and the UK government.

Efficient GeoTech

We recently completed Efficient GeoTech, a 36-month project looking into how to make ground source heat pumps more efficient, dynamic and cost-effective. This project was undertaken in partnership with The University of Nottingham, Environmental Process Systems, Positive Homes and Solar Ready, financially supported by Innovate UK.

Efficient GeoTech successfully developed a new ground heat exchange with three key innovations that offer attractive savings both in terms of CO2 and money. The new ground heat exchanger is easy to install, significantly reducing installation time; improves ground conditions, without environmental damage; and uses water in the soil to the system’s advantage. It was demonstrated that the total cost of ownership, factoring in maintenance, is significantly less than that of other low carbon technologies.

Solar Heat Store

GGP are industrial partners in a consortium based research and development project named Solar Heat Store (SHS). This is a 24 month project funded by InnovateUK and the Newton Fund and aims to bring about collaborative working between UK and Chinese companies and Universities. PCM Products Ltd. (project lead) and The University of Nottingham make up the other UK partners. The Chinese partners are Midea Group and South China University of Technology.

The SHS project aims to develop a novel thermal energy storage battery using a supercooled phase change material (PCM) solution to improve the energy efficiency of domestic hot water systems. PCMs are materials capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy as they transition between phases i.e. solid to liquid. The SHS project will provide the first-of-its kind system, integrating three key components: i) supercooled PCM solution, ii) vacuum solar collector and iii) heat pump.

GGP are responsible for the development of the novel PCM triggering method and the system integration of the solar thermal collector, heat pump and PCM tank.


Our research and development team work in close partnership with GeoPura, helping to develop new technology to provide off-grid, unlimited power using green hydrogen.

GeoPura was launched in 2019 and has already provided 100% emissions free, off grid electricity at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Polestar 1’s European Press Test Drive. Find out more at

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Our research projects and partnerships are determining us as leaders in the industry, they attract a lot of interest and have resulted in national awards.
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