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Retail space requires a lot of energy to heat, light and power; and electricity can be one of the biggest overheads retail operations have.

Geo Green Power specialise in large scale commercial solar installations at premises that need to stay open for business. This makes us the perfect partner for renewable energy solutions including solar panel installation at retail parks and showrooms who want to cut energy costs and become more sustainable.

If you are looking to cut the overheads at your retail space and secure your energy supply for the future, talk to a member of our team today on 0800 988 3188

Solar panel systems are quick and easy to install, with minimal impact on operations, and typically have a payback of around 5 years delivered through energy bill savings. In addition, investing in renewable energy makes your operations more sustainable, which is becoming increasingly important for today’s consumers. Securing your energy for the future may also enable you to look at additional services for your customers such as EV charging.

With over 10 years of experience, our team can plan, design and deliver your retail park solar PV installation seamlessly, with no impact on your day to day activity or customer experience.  

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If you’re interested in installing solar panels at your retail outlet or showroom, get in touch with the team at Geo Green Power today.

Large retail premises have large, open roof spaces, making them ideal for roof mounted solar PV systems which can produce a large amount of power. These systems rarely require planning permission, can be installed within a matter of days and cause very little disruption. If required, power downs can be scheduled around your opening hours, so your team and customers are completely unaffected.

Opening during daylight hours, 7 days a week, means retail park units and large showrooms are able to fully maximise the free, renewable energy their solar PV installation generates. And export agreements cab be arranged for any additional power their system produces.

Solar PV Experts

Geo Green Power have worked with a number of retailers and retail park operators throughout the UK to develop the right renewable energy system for their businesses.

When designing your system our team will take into account the amount of space available to install solar panels, your energy usage and the potential for your usage to increase in the future. Our design will take into the account any requirement for your operations to store any of the renewable energy you produce from your solar panels, have a back-up power supply or export to the grid.

When planning your solar installation we will take into account your access requirements for deliveries, customer entrances and opening times to ensure as little disruption as possible and any power downs will be completed out of hours.

Many retailers are choosing to take control of their energy costs by investing in renewable energy, adding value to their properties and supporting a low carbon future.

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Geo Green Power have partnered with Inchcape UK to install solar PV systems across their UK network of car showrooms, saving around £500,000 a year and cutting their annual carbon footprint by 1,000 tonnes of CO₂

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