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Renewable power offers numerous benefits for property developments, from increasing the saleability of a home to helping developers achieve code targets. At Geo Green Power, we’re experts in renewable energy and have experience working with housing developers and property associations to help them achieve their goals.

We offer a great selection of end-to-end renewable energy solutions for housing developments, from solar PV systems and EV chargers to biomass boilers and heat pumps. Our team has extensive experience in this industry and in installing these technologies, so we can be your single point of contact throughout the whole process.

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Powering homes in a sustainable way

Powering homes in a sustainable way

Implementing renewable energy systems early in the design stage of a property development project means that you can combine technologies more easily and also save time and money, which is a huge advantage for developers looking to keep to a budget.

On a domestic scale, buyers could see a decrease in their electricity bills of around £300 per year using a solar PV system, providing a unique selling point for developers once the property goes on the market. Likewise, solar panels can improve the BREEAM score and eco credentials of a building, enhancing your reputation as a sustainably minded business.

Whatever style of property or design aspects need to be considered, our team can help you choose the right balance of technologies to achieve perfect planning conditions while also retaining the integrity of your architectural plans.

Solar panels

Solar panels are an effective solution for a wide range of property types and they offer significant benefits for property owners, helping to combat rising energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint of the property and utilise otherwise wasted space. A solar PV system improves the energy security of the home and enhances the reputation of the developer involved with the housing build.

Solar panels
Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Solar panels aren’t the only option for property developments. Ground and air source heat pumps are an effective solution that can be integrated into the design for new build properties easily. Ground source heat pumps, especially, can be installed more easily during the build of a property so that the excavation and groundworks can be incorporated into the construction. Heat pumps help to bring energy bills down and can be combined with a solar PV system to improve the eco properties of the home even further.

EV charging units

Another technology we work with property developers to install is EV charging units. As homeowners increasingly seek sustainable properties, having this type of technology built into the fabric of the building can make for an appealing selling point and creates a greener home for the future. From individual units per household to units installed in parking spaces, we can work with developers to find a solution that works best for the housing plans.

EV charging units

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Did you know you can support reforestation efforts with Geo Green Power? We’ll plant one tree for every quote we produce! Simply request a free quote and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Geo Green Power have over a decade’s worth of experience in the renewable energy sector and we’re confident in our ability to help property developers find a suitable solution for their projects. Contact us today to discuss the options and to arrange a no obligation quote.

What our customers say

What our customers say

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This #WorldEnvironmentDay we’re teaming up with @treeapp and planting a tree for every quote we produce for our customers – that’s at least 1,200 a year!  Like any business, we’re aware that our operations have an impact on the environment, and with global temperatures teetering on the edge we want to do more than ever before. We’ve chosen to support TreeApp’s programme to plant trees where they are needed across the globe. We have already planted a tree for every quote we have produced since the start of May – 121 – and predict we will be planting well over 100 trees every month.  Follow our progress on our website (link in bio) and if you’re thinking about investing in #renewableenergy ensure that you speak to us about your project and help us plant trees!  #WorldEnvironmentDay2023 #solar #solarpower #solarPV #sustainable #jointherenewablerevolution #netzero #sustainablebusiness #commercialsolar #solarinstallers #TeamGeoGreen #sustainability #energytransition #batterystorage #heatpump #serviceandmaintenance #renewableprojects #ashp #gshp#treeplanting #planttrees #rainforest #greenbusiness #reforestation #ecosystem
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