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Public Sector organisations are probably under more financial pressure now than ever before. In this environment, opportunities to control costs are very welcome. This is why many organisations are now looking at leveraging their capital assets more effectively by using Public Sector Solar Power to reduce annual costs and in many cases increase annual income.

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Save Money With Public Sector Solar Power

The financial case for Solar Energy is as strong as the environmental case. We don’t need to explain why generating electricity from the sun, using our solar panels, is better for the environment than burning coal, but it is worth noting that in the coming decade legislation will ensure organisations are fully committed to reducing their environmental impact. Inevitably such commitment will come at some capital cost. However, renewable and energy saving technologies aid compliance and actually save/make you money at the same time. So why wait to be told? We can help you right now and it costs nothing to ask so contact our team today.

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For businesses that choose not to invest capital and are looking for alternative funding options, we can offer advice on your options for commercial solar panel finance. Although basic grants for solar panels came to an end in 2010 when the FIT scheme was introduced, some alternative funding options may still be available. Contact us for details.

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