Welcome to Geo Green Power, your trusted provider of large-scale solar panels for business. We specialise in custom solutions, tailored to meet diverse business sector needs, ensuring your commercial objectives are met through sustainable solar energy. Whether you are looking to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint or secure your future energy supply, we offer expert solar installations for businesses throughout the UK.

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25 Year Warranty on Solar Panels

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Client 10 – Siemens
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How much is a typical solar panel installation for businesses?

Every business is different; and so is its solar PV project, which means the cost of an installation can vary significantly. Factors influencing the project include system size, panel location and installation needs such as scaffolding and accessibility. The electrical electrical components required, the product quality and warranty duration will also vary depending on your final solution. After your initial enquiry for a solar installation for your business, we will discuss these aspects and offer a preliminary cost estimate. If this is satisfactory, we will conduct a site assessment, after which we will present a detailed proposal.

Typical system sizes and costs for business solar systems are:

  • 50kW – £55,000
  • 100kW – £95,000
  • 250kW – £205,000
  • 500kW – £375,000
  • 500kW – £375,000

Costs can vary depending on the installation requirements, to get a no-obligation quote contact us today.

Business Solar Financing Options

For businesses preferring not to allocate their own funds and seeking alternative financing options, we provide experienced advice on potential solutions. Despite the end of basic grants for solar panels in 2010 with the end of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, there may still be other funding opportunities available in your local area. Please reach out to us for more information.

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How long until I can see a return on my investment?

What is the payback period for my solar investment?

What our customers say

What our customers say

Recent installations we have undertaken for UK businesses

What is included in your solar PV installation for your business?

Prior to your installation our team will carry out all necessary surveys, planning applications and secure permissions from your energy supplier for your business installation to go ahead.

Your panels will have a 25 year performance warranty as a minimum and will be sourced from a top tier manufacturer. The exact specification of your panel will be determined by your required output and whether you require a specific colour of module. See the types of solar panels we supply for your installation.

These convert the DC power you receive from your solar panels into AC power that your business can use. Your installation may require one inverter or a small series which will be decided at your pre-installation survey and will be based on the space available to mount your inverters and the size of the system that we are installing. If you’re a business client your inverter will be provided with a 20 year warranty.

We will source and specify the correct mounting system to install your panels to your business property. There is a mounting system for almost every roof – tiles, slate or metal – and we also provide in-roof systems for new builds and projects that involve a re-roof. If you have opted for a ground mount system we will specify, source and erect your frame as part of your installation. The mounting system and roof type is one of the main variables in installation cost.

Our certified electricians will install all necessary electrical apparatus such as wiring and string controllers to link your panels and inverters, and AC & DC isolators for power shutdown if necessary. The installation process encompasses the AC supply, connecting the inverter to the current electrical generator, and a generation meter to record the electricity produced by your installation. Our team is also equipped to perform extra electrical tasks if needed.

If your installation is to be placed on a roof, temporary scaffolding and access gear will be needed, possibly along with internal netting. Ensuring the safety of our team on-site is our top priority and the usage of appropriate safety and access equipment is crucial. The specific access needs for your site are among the primary factors influencing the overall project cost.

Customers may require structural assessments, detailed CAD drawings or schematics which can all be arranged as part of your project. We also support remote monitoring, which allows you to view the generation of your installation via an app and see how your system is performing.

We recommend an annual service to ensure that your systems remains in full working order and that you maximise your investment.

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Planning Permission

Large Scale Solar Projects for Businesses

At Geo Green Power, we offer comprehensive solutions for your large-scale solar panel installation needs. Our experience has shown that such extensive projects require specialist knowledge and thorough planning. We always recommend engaging us at the earliest stage of your project.

When needed, we are capable of collaborating with architects, chief contractors, and building consultants. Whether your project involves a large-scale single site installation (for instance, 300+ square metres) or consists of numerous smaller systems spread across various locations as part of an ongoing project, we’re here to assist. We will gladly discuss your commercial, business, farm or office solar project and provide ideas and inspiration.



Large Scale Solar Projects for Businesses

A few of our recent installations of solar panels for businesses

At Geo Green Power, we recognise the need for a dedicated point of contact to oversee your contract, ensuring smooth execution. We provide a seamless service, where every stage is anticipated, prepared for, and communicated upfront to minimise operational disruptions. We fully acknowledge that your decision-making process will be primarily driven by quality and cost considerations.

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