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Geo Green Power, specialists in large scale commercial solar panel systems

With large and often underused open space at their disposal, agricultural and horticultural businesses are ideal for commercial solar PV installations. Whether roof mounted on buildings or ground mounted on unproductive areas of land, installing solar panels and generating electricity can be a lucrative investment and cut energy bills.

What Are the Benefits of Solar PV for Horticulture?

Horticultural businesses often have large greenhouses that require heating, irrigation and lighting to produce fruit, plants and vegetables. Solar PV provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly method of powering these energy intensive systems.

Geo Green Power are specialists in producing bespoke solar PV installations for horticultural businesses, both ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems. When Micropropogation Services needed to build 6500sqm acres of greenhouses, we were able to install a 150kW solar pv system on the greenhouse roof, providing an annual output of 135,000kWh.

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What Are the Benefits of Solar PV for All Agricultural Businesses?

Agricultural businesses have always been experts at harnessing the power of the sun, so it’s no wonder that they have been quick to realise the benefits of using their agricultural buildings or parcels of underused land to generate electricity, reaping financial rewards from ‘solar farming’. However, the benefits of solar PV go much further than that.

A rural location means that ‘solar’ farmers enjoy greater independence from the national grid, giving them greater control over energy costs, protection from power outages and the added potential of battery storage systems for storing surplus energy. Finally, as the demand for locally sourced and sustainable produce grows, so does the need for low carbon energy and reduced greenhouse gases.

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Solar Power Guidance

Geo Green Power can offer advice on the best options available for your horticultural buildings and unproductive land, as well as on the sort of returns you can expect to receive on your solar investment. Our team will work with any size of installation and whatever budget is available to design, supply and fit a system that is perfect for your requirements, and with the option to extend it at a later date if required.

Case Study – Volmary Ltd

Volmary’s 20 acres of greenhouses require heating, irrigation and lighting systems to produce both colourful and edible plants and vegetables for the UK and European horticultural market. With an electricity bill of over £100,000 a year, they were keen to look for ways to reduce it.

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