Tesla Powerwall 2

Able to be used 365 days a year, Powerwall 2 can power a 2-bed flat for a full day. For larger homes with greater energy need or for commercial use (including 3 phase applications), a maximum of 9 Powerwall units can be connected to offer a total of 120kWh of battery storage.

It’s a compact, stackable battery storage solution that comes with an integrated inverter, liquid thermal control system and smart software that dispatches electricity on demand.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Specifications:

  • 6kW PV inverter
  • 5kWh integrated battery
  • 10 year warranty

Installation is simple. The units can be ground or wall mounted, either indoors or outdoors, and are connected to the grid to export surplus energy and maximise your opportunity for economic gain. There are backup supply solutions for power cuts and outages including using the Powerwall 2 in ‘off grid’ mode.

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