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Put your solar PV investment in safe hands

An investment in renewable energy is an investment in the future and if you want your system to consistently perform at it’s best we advise an annual service and health check. 

Our operations & maintenance plans guarantee that your installation remains in great shape throughout its lifetime, delivering the returns that you expect. 

Established in 2010 we are one of the UK’s longest standing renewable energy installers specialising in commercial solar, battery storage and EV charging. Our dedicated team supports the ongoing service and maintenance for solar PV systems whether we installed them or not. 

As simple as one, two, three...

Step 1 – Get in touch

Contact the team to outline your requirement.

If you are experiencing a fault or issue our technical team might be able to resolve it over the phone.

If we need to attend we will provide a no obligation quote.

Step 2 – Site visit

An experienced solar engineer will attend your site to carry out agreed works. 

If during servicing or fault finding we identify an issue which requires further work, we will provide a further quote.

Step 3 – Ongoing support

Trust our team with all ongoing operations and maintenance requirements. 

We are always at the end of the phone.  

Geo Green Power solar panel maintenance & servicing plans

What’s included?

Visual inspection of the system (all electrical hardware and cabling) and check for any insurable damage

Visual Inspection of panels using a drone to determine condition of panels (dirt and damage)

Complete electrical testing of the solar panels and strings (DC electrical installation test and inspection)

Complete electrical testing of the inverters, isolators, and protective devices (AC electrical installation test and inspection)

Advice on whether your solar panels need cleaning and a quotation if required

Service report detailing system status and any possible remedial works

Commercial installations

Full PV health check

from £475+VAT

Fault investigation and maintenance call-out

from £275+VAT

Domestic installations

Full PV health check

from £275+VAT

Fault investigation and maintenance call-out

from £275+VAT

Costs can vary depending on location.

How often should my solar PV system have a service?

  • We recommend an annual service for large commercial systems to ensure that warranties are maintained and that the electrical installation is tested in line with other equipment on site
  • Domestic systems can be serviced less frequently, we recommend that you regularly carry out a visual check and contact us if you have any concerns
  • Our service includes using a drone to identify any dirt or build up on the panels and identify if they need a clean
  • If you experience a drop in generation we recomend that you contact us as soon as possible

Ready to get a quote?

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. If we have details of your inverter, system size and location we’ll be able to let you know whether we can help and what costs are involved.

What our customers say

Tips for checking your panels are in good condition

Generation Reading

A very easy way of assessing the condition of your panels is from the generation meter reading. If it is similar to the estimation in your handbook, then everything is working fine.

Visual Inspection

If accessible, then a simple glance at your panels can tell you if there is any surface debris like moss or lichen build-up. If the panels aren’t clean, then this can reduce the power output

What could go wrong with solar panels?

Solar panel installation have minimal moving parts and are very dependable and low-maintenance. Nonetheless, we advise an annual service to catch and address any issues early, ensuring uninterrupted energy production.

Potential issues that might arise without routine maintenance

  •  Birds making nests beneath the panels
  • Accumulation of dirt on panels, decreasing efficiency
  • The system shutting off during heavy cloud cover or rain
  • Error codes displayed on the inverter
  • Cracks or damages to the solar panels
  • Malfunctioning solar monitoring or metering
  • Wildlife chewing on the system’s cables

While the potential problems are infrequent, they can escalate if not detected and addressed promptly. If you haven’t had your system inspected in the past two years, we suggest scheduling an engineer’s visit.

A key to minimising system issues is selecting a reputable installer and ensuring high-quality products are used.

Prior to finalising any contract, verify that the workmanship, panels, and inverters come with warranties. Also, ascertain if your chosen company will handle the installation directly or if they’ll subcontract the work.

Issues with solar panels and what to do

If your solar PV system isn’t producing energy or displays a red light, consider resetting the inverter. Turn off both the AC and DC isolators, wait for 5 minutes, then turn them back on. Refer to your Operations and Maintenance Manual to make sure you’re doing this correctly and safely. If the problem persists, ensure that the inverter is connected to the grid and no MCBs or breakers have been tripped. Resetting them might fix the issue.

If your system still isn’t working, it might be time to call an engineer. Often, inverters will show a fault code pointing to the problem. When reaching out to us about a malfunction, please share the inverter’s make, model, and serial number along with the reported fault, so we can assist you effectively.

If you think panels might be damaged or cables appear compromised, report the issue immediately. This ensures a technician can address and rectify the matter promptly and safely.

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Why Geo Green Power?

With over 14 years of industry experience we understand what our clients are looking for and have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the renewable energy sector.

An investment in renewable energy is an investment in the future and we aim to build long-standing customer partnerships.

Our team is on hand throughout the life of your system ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.


25 Year Warranty on Solar Panels

20 Year Warranty on Inverters

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