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Battery Storage Systems

Battery back-up and storage systems for solar PV installations make it possible to store any surplus solar energy produced during the day. The technology allows you to make use of the stored energy whenever there’s a demand for power – day or night, rain or shine.

battery storage units

Battery storage for your solar panels will help reduce your electricity costs further. And if you find that you generate more energy than you can use and store, you can still sell the surplus back to the grid. Another perk is that your home is protected from power outages, since your battery system will continue to supply your property and also keep your solar panels working as normal.

A battery storage system is a great addition to your solar installation, helping you make the most of the power you produce. You can monitor, optimise and precisely manage how you use the electricity generated by your PV system.

Our battery storage and back-up systems comprise SMA or Fronius battery controllers together with Lead Acid or Lithium-ion deep cycle, long life batteries that come with a 10 year warranty. Whether you’re considering getting a battery back-up system to protect your home from a power cut, or you’re looking for a full off-grid solution, the designers and engineers at Geo Green Power will find you the perfect system for your requirements and budget.

Why not get in touch to discuss a bespoke energy storage system that will match your requirements exactly? From small domestic battery storage units that will help you increase your solar power consumption to 250kWh UPS systems to keep your manufacturing facility running in the event of a power outage, we can design and install the right system for your needs.

Take a look at our current range of battery storage products:

Tesla Battery Storage Systems

Tesla Powerwall2Tesla Powerwall 2                  

  • 6.6kW PV inverter             
  • 13.5kWh integrated battery   
  • 10 year warranty



SMA Battery Storage Systems

Sunny Boy 3600 Smart EnergySunny Boy 3600 Smart Energy                            

  • 3.6kW PV inverter             
  • 2kWh integrated battery  
  • Save up to 50% on electricity bills!    
  • 5 year warranty



Sunny Boy 5000 Smart EnergySunny Boy 5000 Smart Energy

  • 6kW PV inverter
  • 2kWh integrated battery
  • 5 year warranty




Sunny Island Battery StorageSunny Island

  • 6kW to 8kW battery controller
  • Supports a wide range of applications
  • 5 year warranty
  • Batteries sold separately
Fronius Battery Storage Systems

Symo Hybrid Battery StorageSymo Hybrid 3kW / 4kW / 5kW

  • 5-8kW PV inverter
  • Up to 12kWh battery storage can be connected
  • 5 year warranty

Solar BatterySolar Battery

  • 4.5kWh-12kWh capacity
  • 10 year warranty
Samsung Battery Storage Systems

SDI ALO ESS Integrated Battery StorageSDI ALO ESS Series 3

  • 6.6kW PV inverter
  • 3.2kWh integrated battery
  • 10 year warranty
ABB Battery Storage Systems

ABB REACT Storage with BatteryREACT 3.6 / 4.6 

  • 5kW/6kW PV inverter
  • 2kWh integrated battery
  • 5 year warranty
Bosch Battery Storage Systems

BPT-S5 with Intergrated BatteryBPT-S5

  • 5kW PV Inverter
  • 4.4kWh-12kWh integrated battery
  • 15 year warranty

Contact us for more on Battery Storage

If you are interersted in any of our battery storage products, please give us a call today to discuss your battery requirements further on +44 (0)800 988 3188, alternatively you can send us an email directly from the website by filling out our enquiry form .

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A very professional installation. All the staff I met and dealt with were friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend the Company. Thank you all, 5 stars!!

We found your service efficient and enquiries polite and considerate. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is looking for solar, in fact we have another farm building which will be sorted after Christmas, and would think we will be contacting you again. Thank you once again.

I have been very pleased with the speedy and efficient service we have received. Everyone in the Geo Green Power team has been pleasant to deal with and all aspects of the installation were carried out in a timely and effective manner. Many thanks for making our lives easier!

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