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Geo Green Power, specialists in large scale commercial solar panel systems

Geo Green Power are specialists in large-scale solar panel systems for farms and agriculture. Interest in investing in solar technology has risen sharply due to the significant financial returns that can be achieved, by generating and using your own electricity.

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Start earning an income with solar farms

Farmers have been experts in harnessing and using solar energy for thousands of years. Almost every form of agriculture involves the sun, efficiently converting solar energy to support life.

In recent years, rising electricity costs have added to escalating overheads for UK farmers and the profitability of their businesses. It therefore doesn’t  come as any surprise that farmers and landholders in the UK are realising the potential of using unused farm building roof space or relatively unproductive land for solar panels.

Solar PV installations allow you to generate your own electricity, cut fuel bills and potentially have an additional income stream for your business. In fact, there’s a large number of solar farmers already reaping the financial rewards this technology offers.

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Why choose Geo Green Power?

Geo Green Power provide advice on the best options available for your agricultural buildings and unproductive land, and the returns you can expect to receive on your solar investment.

Our team will look at your requirements and budget to design, supply and fit a system that meets your needs, with the option to extend at a later date if required.

For more information on the Solar Power Investment Potential, why not contact our team today on 0800 988 3188.

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20 Year Warranty on Inverters

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For more information on the solar power investment potential for your business, why not contact our team today on 0800 988 3188

What are the benefits of solar farms?

A solar PV installation enables you to generate electricity at a much lower rate than you can purchase from the grid, and this energy is emission free. Depending on your operation, the biggest benefit solar can offer your farm is a huge cost saving on electricity. Farms use a lot of energy, and if your plans include additional electrical requirements such as moving away from diesel farm machinery, investing in your very own solar farm is a good way to slash your electricity bill.

Cheaper energy bills may offer you the opportunity to diversify your business, invest in technology that would have been too expensive to run on your existing energy tariffs or provide enough power for new elements to your business such as unit lettings.

Solar PV provides 100% emission free renewable energy, and if your farming business is focused on sustainability, using clean energy within your operations can only increase your sustainable credentials and add further value to your produce.

There is also an opportunity to generate renewable energy to sell to the grid. This could be on a relatively small scale, exporting excess energy when your system is generating more than you are using, or investing in a solar PV system solely to generate and export.

With global ambitions to achieve Net Zero, the need for clean electrical power will only increase, making solar PV a very low risk investment. In fact securing your own energy generation for your business could protect you in the future from power outages, and rising prices.

100% emission free renewable energy

Huge cost saving on electricity

Increase your sustainable credentials

Generate renewable energy to sell to the grid

Low risk investment

Protection from outages and rising prices

How long until I can see a return on my investment?

How much do solar panels for farms cost?

Every solar PV project is different and the cost of an installation will vary. The size of the system, position and installation requirements such as scaffolding and access will all have an impact on the investment required.

If you’re interested in finding out what you would need to spend to achieve a healthy return we can give you a good indication over the phone, and then finalise your proposal once we have visited your site.

Typical system sizes and costs are:

  • 50kW – £45,000
  • 100kW – £70,000
  • 250kW – £165,000
  • 500kW – £300,000

Will I have to get planning permission?

Not in the vast majority of cases. However, if you want your system ground mounted, if your property is part of a world heritage site, or is listed, then planning permission would likely have to be sought in advance. We would advise when this was the case, and while you would have to seek such permission we will of course provide full assistance in completing applications and supplying any information requested to ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

For more helpful information see our Solar Panel FAQ page.

We Plant A Tree For Every Quote We Produce

Did you know you can support reforestation efforts with Geo Green Power? We’ll plant one tree for every quote we produce! Simply request a free quote and we’ll take care of the rest.

What our customers say

Robert Thomas Farms

  • 150kW roof mounted solar PV system
  • 250kW ground mounted solar PV system
  • Generating 350,000KWh of electricity
  • 960kW ground source heat pump
  • Saving over 500 tonnes of CO2

BeadaMoss Micropropagation

  • 150kW solar PV system
  • Generating 135,500KWh of electricity
  • Saving over 80 tonnes of CO2

Generating electricity, heating water and powering EV chargers

A Peak District sheep farmer is making healthy returns, calculated to be 16.6% gross, from a solar PV system that is reducing energy and solid fuel bills, by generating electricity, heating water and powering EV chargers!

When Edward Piekos wanted to invest in more Solar PV for his Peak District farm, he found Geo Green Power was his perfect partner.

Got a question about commercial solar?

If you’re interested in understanding what renewable energy can offer your operation contact our team today.

Roof Mounted Solar PV vs Solar Farms

solar panels on large barn roof

Roof Mounted Solar Farm

Most farms and agricultural businesses have buildings that are suitable for roof mounted solar PV installations. Agricultural buildings typically have a have 10-15° roof pitch, which will generate substantial amounts of power even when the roof is not necessarily facing south.

Solar panels on farm building roofs do not require planning permission and once installed, maintenance and servicing costs for PV installations are low. In addition to offering long-term protection from rising energy costs, along with cheaper electricity bills, solar energy is renewable. This means no greenhouses gases are released and no natural resources depleted.

Ground mounted solar array

Solar Farms & Parks

Solar parks or farms are large-scale installations of solar PV panels mounted on frames which are built on the ground, covering anything from 1 acre to 1000 acres. They are a nature friendly way of generating electricity for the grid, with virtually no noise or waste.

Many solar farms can be combined with other types of farming, such as sheep grazing or free-range poultry, and are set up by agricultural businesses or community groups to provide green local energy. Solar parks are eligible for financial incentive schemes such as PPAs.

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