Commercial Solar Installation Sectors

Geo Green Power specialise in large-scale commercial projects and we have a wealth of expertise in renewable energy technology.

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Commercial Solar Installation Sectors

No matter what your business does, or what sector it covers, you can always see a benefit from installing a commercial solar panel system. Generating solar power introduces massive benefits by reducing your energy costs, whilst still getting a good return on investment.

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Solar Panels for Car Dealerships

An increasing number of car dealerships are choosing solar power. With energy one of the largest expenses that auto dealerships must contend with, and costs for energy rising considerably, more and more businesses are seeking ways to lower costs. The price for solar PV systems has declined in recent years, making it a more accessible option for dealerships to take advantage of.

At Geo Green Power, we’re experts in sustainable energy solutions and we can advise your car dealership on the best ways to maximise solar power for your business.

Commercial Solar for Factories & Warehouses

Modern factories and warehouses can be thousands of square kilometres. Over the past few years, more and more business have seen the potential to harness free renewable energy simply by adding solar panels to their factory roofs. It is more than likely that you have seen several instances businesses installing panels onto their roofs in your area. Larger scale installations can attract significant cost savings so the returns on larger investments are excellent.

Commercial Solar for Offices

More and more offices are installing solar panels on their roofs. With energy prices increasing significantly every year, people are looking to solar to reduce the energy cost as well as their carbon footprint. Any surplus power, not consumed on site, can be exported to the grid for which you will receive a tariff payment.

Solar Panels for Farms & Agricultural

All forms of agriculture revolve around converting the energy from our Sun into various other forms of energy, typically food or fuel. Therefore, it has been no surprise to us in the renewable energy business that farmers are realising the potential of installing commercial solar panel system on their buildings and on areas of unproductive land to help them convert even more of the Sun’s energy, this time into electricity!

Commercial Solar for the Public Sector

Public Sector organisations are probably under more financial pressure now than ever before. In this environment, opportunities to control costs are very welcome. The installation of solar panels, at your Public Sectors site, can leverage your capital assets more effectively, reduce annual costs and in many cases increase annual income.

Solar Panels for the Educational Sector

Solar Power gives Educational Institutions both a financial advantage and also helps build an awareness of such technologies in students who see them becoming a part of their daily lives.

Our commercial installations are always bespoke, and are just as easily to retro-fit to existing educational buildings as they are to incorporate in new build projects.

Solar Panels for Horticultural Industry

With large and often underused open space at their disposal, agricultural and horticultural businesses are ideal for commercial solar PV installations. Whether roof mounted on buildings or ground mounted on unproductive areas of land, installing solar panels and generating electricity can be a lucrative investment and cut energy bills.

Solar Panels for Manufacturing Businesses

Many manufacturing businesses own huge buildings or warehouses with a large amount of unused roof space. These often provide the perfect capacity for large-scale commercial solar panel installations that can not only offset energy costs, but even make the business money from a completely vacant area of the property.

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