It All Starts With The Sun

Solar panels (or specifically PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels) are devices that convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy in the form of Direct Current (DC). This Direct Current, which is similar to the power you get from a battery, must then be converted into AC (Alternating Current) at a voltage (a little like electrical ‘pressure’) identical to our ‘mains’ electricity. This conversion is done by a piece of equipment called an Inverter. An invertor might be considered to be a little like having a combined water purifier and pump in a water collection system.

AC electricity coming from the inverter is then measured by a meter before passing directly into the electrical installation in your property. If you don’t use it, it will go to your local community, and then by extension the national electrical grid (yes, it’s all connected).


The solar cell sandwich


How will you install the panels on my roof?

How will you install the panels on my roof?

Normally scaffold or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are used to gain access to the roof space. Then a lightweight aluminium frame is secured to the timbers of the roof frame using brackets selected according to roof type. All fixings are externally IP rated. The roof will continue to be completely watertight.

Finally, the solar panels are secured to the frame using manufacturer specific clamps. If you have a flat roof then a wedge shaped frame is used to get the best possible pitch for the panels.

Will it work if it's cloudy?

Solar PV operates on light, rather than heat, so even if the day seems cool – if there is light, the system will be generating electricity. PV systems will generate electricity all year round although for a number of reasons the output will fluctuate seasonally, with the most electricity being produced in the bright summer months.

Will it work if it's cloudy?
Will they work on my property?

Will they work on my property?

Well as we are in the Northern Hemisphere, a south facing roof will receive the most sunlight, however, a solar generator can be installed on a roof that is facing approximately south or even east or west with a fairly steep or shallow pitch and will still generate efficiently over the course of the year. Of course, minimal shading is beneficial.

Our solar panel systems are designed to suit your property and your energy requirements, we will make sure we find a solution that works for you.

How much money will I save/earn?

Over the course of a year, a solar photovoltaic system will save you money by reducing your electricity bill, and you will get paid for all the electricity you export.

How much money will I save/earn?
How do I receive payments for the electricity I export?

How do I receive payments for the electricity I export?

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) will pay you for the excess renewable electricity you generate but don’t use. Energy suppliers set their own SEG tariff prices, so we’re on hand to help you find the best price for your energy.

How long will the system take to pay back the energy used in its manufacture?

How long does a PV cell have to generate electricity for until it pays back the carbon (energy) required to make it? This is generally expected to be less than 4 years. After that it is making a real and positive contribution to the environment of our planet.

How long will the system take to pay back the energy used in its manufacture?

Individual assessment

If you would like to know what your roof (or ground) could be earning for you please call us for a quotation

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