Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are growing in popularity as a fantastic source of renewable energy commercial installations for businesses, and private homes. At Geo Green Power, we specialise in providing the highest quality solar panels for large scale commercial and domestic projects.

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Why choose Geo Green Power

At Geo Green Power we have years of experience in the renewable energy sector, with a team of knowledgeable professionals who are specialists in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panel arrays. We have experience dealing with both large-scale commercial projects and solar panels for domestic properties.

We treat each project individually, providing you with our expertise and insight to ensure that you are getting the solar panel installation you need.

Reduced Costs

on average, solar PV installations pay for themselves within five years and go on producing free electricity for many years to come.

Reduced Emissions

one of the best ways to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Even a small solar PV scheme saves tonnes of CO2 every year!

Low Maintenance

with no moving parts and very little ongoing maintenance required, solar panels are incredibly reliable and cost-efficient to run.

Future Proof

with energy prices only set to rise, a solar PV installation protects you from increased utility bills by providing your own free electricity.

Smart Investment

solar PV installations offer a reliable and predictable investment with better returns than many low-risk options.

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Pairing your solar panels with battery storage

Solar battery storage is a key component in maximizing the efficiency of solar panels for residential energy generation. During daylight hours, solar panels capture and convert sunlight into electricity, with any excess energy stored in a solar battery for later use. This stored energy becomes a valuable resource, providing power after sunset or during cloudy periods, thereby ensuring a consistent energy supply without relying on the grid.

By combining solar panels with battery banks, users can optimize their energy consumption, reducing reliance on grid power and often achieving cost savings compared to exporting surplus energy. This integrated approach not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to substantial savings on electricity bills, making solar panels and batteries a compelling solution for sustainable and economical residential energy usage.


With a battery PV system Estimated savings over a year Estimated savings over 30 years
5kWh 3.6kW £888 £39,934
5kWh 5kW £1,108 £45,558
15kWh 9kW £2,116 £86,984
23kWh 17kW £8,050 £454,090
Without a battery PV system Estimated savings over a year Estimated savings over 30 years
5kWh 3.6kW £799 £34,244
5kWh 5kW £901 £37,022
15kWh 9kW £1,852 £76,111
23kWh 17kW £7,032 £392,728

(Please note that the 30 years savings statistics are likely to have changed because inflation of electric unit prices was higher at the point of quoting).


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from investing in solar energy. Solar panels can provide a fantastic income stream for commercial and industrial organisations. At Geo Green Power, we are specialists in large scale installations for a wide range of sectors.


Solar panels have become the most popular form of renewable energy installed at residential properties. They are a great investment that run silently and provide years of free energy with minimal disruption to the household.


We specialise in fast, efficient, and unobtrusive installations of solar panels for commercial and domestic clients. We can also provide our years of expertise to help you deal with any issues surrounding planning permission.


While solar panels require little in the way of maintenance, an annual service is a great way to ensure your system is running at optimal capacity. We can also provide monitoring and diagnostics of performance, if necessary.

Types of Solar Panel

At Geo Green Power we offer two main types of solar panel: monocrystalline solar cells and polycrystalline solar cells. We can provide advice and guidance as to which type of panel would be best suited for your installation.

Battery Storage

Battery backup and storage play an important role in the efficient running of a solar panel installation. These allow you to store up solar power and make use of it when your panels are not able to generate electricity.

We Plant A Tree For Every Quote We Produce

Did you know you can support reforestation efforts with Geo Green Power? We’ll plant one tree for every quote we produce! Simply request a free quote and we’ll take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a solar panel work?

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight through the photovoltaic cells across the surface of the panel. This generates a direct current, which the panel is then able to convert into an alternating current which can be then fed into the electrical supply of the building or stored in batteries.

Do you really save money with solar panels?

As soon as your solar panels are installed, they begin generating electricity. This means that they are subsidising your electricity costs immediately. Solar panels typically pay for themselves through energy savings in a matter of years and go on producing electricity for many years afterwards

How many solar panels do I need?

The number of solar panels you need depends on what you are looking to achieve and how much electricity you wish to generate. Get in touch with us and our team of experts can provide you with information and guidance on the required size of your solar panel installation.

What are the costs?

This also depends entirely on the type of installation you are looking for. A standard domestic solar panel installation will generally require a minimum investment of around £5,000 (including VAT), however, for large-scale commercial installation, the investment may need to be higher.

How long do solar panels last?

A well-maintained solar panel array will continue producing electricity for many years. Panels have no working parts and require very little attention or work.

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