Stiebel WPE-I 87 H 400 Premium

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WPE-I 87 H 400 Premium

  • Inverter technology: Precisely matched to building heat demand
  • Cascade control for powerful heating output
  • Outstanding DHW convenience
  • Hot gas technology as standard
  • Extremely quiet operation

The WPE-I 87 H 400 Premium heat pump provides heat and DHW convenience. The cascade control can supply apartment buildings and commercial properties. With its inverter technology, the appliance is exceptionally versatile, and can even be conveniently operated via an app (optional accessory required).

WPE-I 87 H 400 Premium delivers quiet operation and a long service life. The robust design makes it highly reliable and it can consistently meet the most demanding output requirements and operation is via a practical colour touchscreen.

Hot gas technology allows DHW to be generated during normal heat pump operation – through the use of an auxiliary heat exchanger. This standard equipment configuration provides hot water temperatures efficiently, and at low cost.

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