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Solar panels create electricity using a photovoltaic (PV) process which converts sunlight into electricity. A Photovoltaic cell consists of two or more thin layers of semiconducting material, most commonly silicon. When the cell is exposed to light, electrical charges are generated and this can be conducted away by metal contacts as direct current (DC). The electrical output from a single cell is small, therefore multiple cells are connected together to provide a more useful output. Cells connected in this way are encapsulated (usually behind glass) to form a weatherproof module or panel. Individual panels are then interconnected to form strings.

Solar diagram

In 1838 the photoelectric effect was discovered by physicist Edmund Becquerel although it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the technology was developed enough to produce efficient working cells. During the 50’s and 60’s Solar PV was put on satellites and sent into orbit but it was still too expensive for general use. The next few decades brought better technology with lower prices and Solar PV was installed in some remote locations to provide electricity where there was no supply. Grid-connected Solar PV has had a massive growth since 1990’s in the more developed countries of the world.

Over the last decade, installation cost have fallen significantly, on average a solar PV installation will cost around £1,000 per k/W of in install capacity. But it has the advantage of using highly reliable (largely maintenance free) components.

The answer to this question will be different for every installation dependant on how close to ideal conditions are, for the solar panels. For a better idea, fill out our formal quotation.

Based on energy prices increasing significantly over the last few years and the installation cost of solar reducing, pay back periods are now shorter then they have ever been.

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