REACT 3.6kWh and 4.6kWh

  • 5kW/6kW PV inverter
  • 2kWh integrated battery
  • 5 year warranty



The solution consists of a 4.6 kW or 3.6 kWh, respectively, single-phase ABB inverter and a lithium-ion battery providing 2 kWh of usable energy. Due to its dual MPPTs, broad input voltage ranges and high efficiencies, the integrated inverter offers maximum installation flexibility for optimal energy harvesting.

The energy storage system has been designed for a long life-cycle with a ten year expected life of the battery. The solution can also be expanded by additional battery modules to up to 6 kWh of usage energy. Due to the integrated Ethernet port, the energy storage system allows for remote or local monitoring without requiring any additional interfaces.


  • The REACT-3.6/4.6-TL (Renewable Energy Accumulator and Conversion Technology) is a PV single phase grid connected inverter able to store energy in a 2.0kWh useful capacity Li-Ion battery integrated within the same product enclosure, expandable up to 3x
  • All features found in our family of string inverters are maintained: double fast MPPT, broad input voltage range, top class efficiency with TL topology, compactness, installation flexibility
  • Up to four onboard load management outputs are included as well as an auxiliary AC back-up output for off grid capability in case of a black out.

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