Solar Panels are designed to be self-cleaning and therefore most systems do not require regular cleaning as average rainfall is sufficient. However, panels in particularly dusty areas (such as grain stores) or flat roof systems may require a more regular clean. Cleaning is recommended to ensure your system keeps generating efficiently. We are able to clean systems of all sizes, and regularly clean systems in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

How regularly should Solar Panels be cleaned?

How regularly should Solar Panels be cleaned?

How often your solar panels should be cleaned depends on what kind of system you have and where it is installed. If you have an annual health check, your engineer will be able to advise if panel cleaning is required. You may also want to carry out a visual check for dust or debris and get them cleaned if you notice a drop in generation.

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Servicing & Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance of your system ensures that your solar panels keep generating efficiently. We recommend an annual service to ensure your system is kept in full working order and any fault or drop in generation is flagged immediately and resolved.

Servicing & Maintenance

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Our Nottinghamshire base means our teams are well placed to service and maintain systems throughout the UK. We regularly service systems in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire. For further information and advice regarding our heat pump servicing and maintenance services, fill in our online enquiry form today.

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