New Build Renewable Energy Solutions

Whether you are building your own property or undertaking a major renovation, self-build projects provide the perfect opportunity for you to create a sustainable and energy efficient home.

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The cost of installation will always be lower if your chosen renewable technology is integrated into your build plan, rather than retrofitted at a later date. You can also ensure that your plans and overall design lend themselves to be as energy efficient as possible, providing suitable space for solar panels and incorporating energy and labour saving techniques.

Geo Green Power work alongside customers undertaking self build or renovation projects, providing a service tailored to their needs. Whether we’re providing end to end system design and installation or partnering in order to support on the areas where you need advice or expertise, we’re here to help.

Solar PV For Self-build Projects

What could be better for your new home than free, green electricity produced from your very own solar PV array.

If you are building a new property, or replacing a roof as part of your renovation, in-roof solar is a great way to incorporate solar panels into your project. An in-roof system literally replaces the need for tiles on part of your roof and are flush with the roof tiles which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish and saves you money on roofing materials.

Alternatively, facade solar panels can be mounted on the facade of the building, over the existing structure, which can increase the appeal of the building and its resale value.

Depending on what the energy usage of your property is likely to be we can couple your solar PV system with battery storage or even an EV charger.

Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pumps

If you’re looking to heat your home in the most sustainable way, you should be considering a heat pump. The amount of space and the size of your project will determine which is the right one for you.

Heat pumps take heat from the ground or air and use an electric pump to boost the temperature to heat water for your home and heating system.

Air Source vs Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps collect heat from the air and can operate in temperatures as low as -22oC. Air source heat pumps use around 1 unit of electricity to produce 3 units of heat.

Air source heat pumps aren’t as efficient as ground source heat pumps, but they are a much more cost-effective option for smaller projects.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps collect heat using a ground loop, a long stretch of pipe that lies 1m under the ground. At this depth, the ground temperature remains relatively constant. After sourcing the majority of the heat from the ground, a ground source heat pump uses around 1 unit of electricity to produce 4 units of heat making them very energy efficient.

Ground source heat pumps do require a considerable amount of space, although bore holes are also an option. The larger amount of work involved makes them more expensive to install.

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Keep Ahead of Legislation

The UK Government has committed to achieving net zero 2050 and is encouraging investment into low carbon technology across a number of sectors.

A Future Homes Standard, due to be introduced in 2025, proposes that new homes being built should deliver a 75%-80% carbon reduction compared to their current counterparts. This legislation will prohibit any new build property being completed with a fossil fuel heating system.

Planning Your Installation

Whether you are building your own property or undertaking a major renovation, self-build projects provide the perfect opportunity for you to create a sustainable and energy efficient home.

The opportunity to design a system and install renewable technology as part of your build should not be missed. Once installed renewable technology significantly reduces your energy bills and has low ongoing maintenance and service costs. You are also often able to qualify for government incentive schemes.

Choosing renewable energy to heat and power your home will also significantly reduce your property’s environmental impact and ensure that you remain ahead of government legislation to encourage green building going forwards. Low carbon properties with high energy efficiency are becoming increasingly desirable on the market.

Making Your Investment Pay

In addition to providing free energy and protecting the value of your property in the future, your investment could also qualify for Government incentive scheme payments.

Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) – the SEG ensures that you are able to secure a contract with an energy provider to receive payments for any units of electricity that you generate and don’t use within your property. This ensures that you never ‘waste’ your solar energy. There are different contracts available and we will ensure that you get the right one in place for you

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – The RHI was introduced to encourage the take-up of low carbon heating technology and a number of systems are eligible including heat pumps and biomass. The RHI provides a tariff for the heat you generate, a cap is in place and there are different domestic and commercial tariffs. Commercial tariffs apply for any system which heats commercial premises or more than one property.

Depending on the size of the scheme and the tariff that you qualify for, the generous RHI payments which are currently in place could pay for the installation cost of your system.

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