New home receives a full sustainable upgrade!

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After moving into a new home, the Vaites family were keen to incorporate a number of renewable energy solutions to reduce electricity costs and their carbon footprint.

The journey began with an electric vehicle, which immediately added the need for an EV charging point, and with Graham’s experience from his previous property he knew a solar PV system would reduce his reliance on the grid.

The new property already benefitted from high levels of insulation and a wet underfloor heating system, so the family were keen to incorporate a heat pump solution to increase efficiency and replace the current LPG boiler. A solar battery was also required to ensure they could use as much of the clean energy they generated from their solar panels as possible, rather than exporting to the grid. A sensible decision given current energy prices.  

Graham is a strong advocate of renewable energy and for planning and organisational reasons, he wanted to work with a local company. After doing some research he found Geo Green Power and explained why they stood out: “There are a lot of companies out there offering green technology right now.  We wanted to find a company that was reasonably local to us and that had a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services.  We felt Geo Green Power was a great match and could offer us that.

“A lot of people have asked us what kind of savings we are making and when will we break even.  That’s certainly a consideration particularly with energy prices soaring as they are at the moment.  The truth is that we have lowered our energy bills, but to our minds the main thing is that we are saving planet.”

After an initial conversation with the Geo Green Power team, the Vaites family were impressed with the services we could provide them and our proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services and enlisted us to transform their property’s power and heating.

To create a more sustainable home we designed and installed a 7kWh solar PV system, a 13.5kW battery storage system, a 7kW EV charging point and a 13.5kW Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP). Converting their home to run almost entirely from electricity, and use their own renewable electricity whenever possible, has dramatically reduced their carbon footprint.

During the increased daylight hours in summer months, the Vaites’ solar panels produce surplus energy enabling them to use their battery storage at maximum capacity and making them almost fully self-sufficient. They also have a smart tariff with their energy provider to allow for lower-cost usage at off-peak periods sourced from 100% renewable energy if needed to supplement their solar PV system.  

The Vaites family are very happy with how the Geo Green Power team operated and completed the installation in their home. Graham said: “Very professional in every aspect and any issues have been promptly resolved.”

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