Stuart and Kerry Wood Choose Geo Green Power For Sustainable Home


When renewable energy enthusiasts, Stuart and Kerry Wood, were looking to fit a 6kW solar PV system at their home they chose Geo Green Power for our product offer, customer service and friendly approach.

After moving in around 5-years ago, the Leicestershire couple have grown very attached to their neighbours and the local community and are looking at the property as their long-term home. Having had solar panels at their previous address, Stuart knew just what he was looking for when he started investigating local installers.

Following their meeting with Senior Surveyor, Rohith Shaji, Stuart explained why they chose to work with Geo Green Power: “We hit it off with Rohith straight away, and that’s a bonus when you build a relationship with someone. He didn’t try to sell me a massive package; he could have sold me a battery or two batteries, but he suggested that we run it for 12 months, see what we produced and then revisit. Having a battery could be our next project. His honesty was one of the reasons we chose Geo Green Power.”



Kerry explained how smooth the installation process had been: “The actual installation was straightforward, the guys were polite and tidy and it was absolutely fantastic. They said they’d come on a certain day with scaffolding, that happened, and then the team came to install and do the electrics.”

Stuart added: “What really impressed me was when they did the cabling, he went out with a straight edge to make sure it was perfect. I like to see Tradesman taking pride in what they’re doing.”

With children and grandchildren to think about, the pair have been aware of growing environmental concerns and pride themselves in doing their but for the planet through recycling, lifestyle decisions such as swapping their hybrid to a full EV and now further investment in renewable energy.

The Wood’s solar PV system will generate around 5,000 kWh of electricity and save 1.7 tonnes of CO2 a year. With its long lifespan the system will also save a whopping £45,000 over the next 30 years.  

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