Renovating a 1970s property and replacing oil for air

Efficiently heating a home built in the early ‘70s isn’t always an easy task. When Paul moved into his home in East Leake he discovered that the best option for replacing the 45-year-old oil boiler was an Air Source Heat Pump.

Paul carefully compared the cost of replacing the old oil boiler with an up-to-date condensing oil boiler or an Air Source Heat Pump system. He found that thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, the installation costs were almost identical and the heat pump would deliver lower running costs and have a much more positive environmental impact.

When Paul met with James at Geo Green Power he was impressed with his knowledge of renewable energy and a very competitive quote. Geo Green Power installed a 16kW Air Source Heat Pump system and Paul took the opportunity to upgrade to a dual pump to give his home a hot and cold water tank at the same time.

Paul said: “The whole Geo Green Power team were great technically and we were really pleased with the final installation of our Air Source Heat Pump system. The engineers on site were extremely courteous and looked after us and our house very well. The project was delivered on time and within budget and the heat pump continues to perform well, meeting our expectations and demand for heating and hot water. I would not hesitate to recommend Geo Green Power to family and friends.”

“The house is now always warm and we’ve decreased our costs by 41%”

Paul’s property was a self-build from the early ‘70s, and he was keen to make the house more energy efficient. Before the installation, the house was always on the cool side, with several rooms left unheated and closed during the winter to reduce usage and save costs. Now, thanks to the Air Source Heat Pump, Paul is able to keep his whole house cosy and warm without breaking the bank.

Paul added: “The heat pump is much quieter than the oil boiler was, and we happily leave it on a background heat of a minimum of 18֯C. The house is now always warm and we’ve decreased our costs by 41%.”

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